The Truth About Food: Episode 1 (Documentary)

The Truth About Food: Episode 1 (Documentary) Want to know what food really does to your body? Forget the headlines, watch our intriguing investigations with 500 volunteers as we expose the…

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25 Responses

  1. Karla Diaz says:

    “no it’s the carbs! “no it’s the sugar” no it’s the fats” Jesus this
    comment section is full of crap. Lol actually it’s nothing, everything is
    good for you as long as it’s not refined, we are omnivorous, we can survive
    on almost anything that we lay hands on, and nothing is bad for us as long
    as it is on its natural state, go eat grilled chicken its great! Eat bolied
    potatos! That’s awesome! But when you drawn your potatos on oil, or when
    instead of meat you have mc Donald’s nuggets (I doubt there is more than
    5%of real meat there anyway) there is where the problem really is. Our body
    is awesome, through the Krebs cycle we turn anything we eat, either
    protein, fat or carbs into as much glucose as we need, the rest is turned
    into fats and stored for later, so doesn’t matter if you eat a potato or a
    chicken wing, your body will turn into the shit YOU need, maybe into
    protein for muscle, or glucose to feed the brain, or fat if you eat too
    much. The key is to eat only as much as you need and only whole natural
    foods, try and do that and see how you will be in the best shape and health
    of your life

  2. Hanne Lykke Poulsen says:

    Is BBC using our tax and licence money on hiring helicopters for absolutely
    no reason?

  3. eckankar says:

    ok, I’m making a change in my diet.

  4. Disco says:

    Everyone still talking about fat… but its the sugar! The carbs make you
    fat! Scratch potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, cola, desserts off your menu and
    you’ll be amazed at the level of energy you’ll have, and the number of
    pounds you’ll lose.

  5. Jacob Brown says:

    evolutions fake. God made the word

  6. David James says:

    I eat an extremely healthy diet. Vegetarian, No processed foods, no candy,
    cakes, milk, or alcohol. I live a very active lifestyle i am 46 years old
    6’1 160 lbs. If i ate a poor diet, i’d probably just be content in a chair
    in front of my tv. I run 70 miles a week to relax, and have a heart rate of
    45 and blood pressure 90/40. I think food passes thru me in less than 12
    hours. I ski with my teenage kids and their college friends and i water ski
    in the summer. Haters are going to hate, but my point is – eat to live, and
    enjoy your life and all your potentials that come with taking care of
    yourself. And god bless 2 nice big glasses of water every day.

  7. DC180 says:

    It’s really easy to eat the required fruit and veg per day. You don’t need
    to chew all day like an ape.. Get a blender for fucks sake DUH!

  8. Dark-sheep13 says:

    This episode leads to some pretty misleading ideas about food. Just because
    you have naturally low cholesterol doesn’t mean that you get to eat
    cholesterol laden foods. You’ll still get atherosclerosis.

    During our evolution it wasn’t the ability to hunt and fish that evolved us
    as a species. It was the ability to utilise fire and starchy plant foods.
    Grilled chicken is still as unhealthy as a hamburger. The people were
    healthier in the trial because they were vegan that entire time. It’s a
    dishonest way of portraying a vegan diet though. A vegan diet is not that

    Garlic alone is not going to change the fact that they are eating battered
    fish and chips still. You can’t smoke a carton of cigarettes and expect
    that sucking on a peppermint will fix your breathing problems. Peppermint
    may increase the surfactant but you’re smoking a deck a day, you’re still
    going to be sick. How about instead of throwing a bit of raw garlic n your
    steak and chips, you simply don’t eat your foods laden with trans fats,
    saturated fat and cholesterol in the first place. Atherosclerosis is
    reversible and has been for 60 years. I’ll bet, given the choice people
    would give up animal products for the returned ability to get it up.

    Once more, if you are on a healthy diet you have healthy stomach flora.
    Simple as that, you don’t need to worry about it, it simply happens.

    You need to be careful whenever anybody is claiming to have the truth about
    anything. It’s usually bullshit.

  9. schtals says:

    eww…. the poo

  10. RealistReviewer says:

    They’ve proven that processed sugar causes the inflammation of the arteries
    causing them to swell and the bad cholesterol collects there since they are
    narrowed, they should focus more on the dangers of processed sugar than the
    dangers of bad cholesterol.

  11. Benny Lockhart says:

    It’s ok to have a “cheat day” once in a while. A burger isn’t going to kill
    you. Now if that’s all you’re eating every day , then yeah, that’s
    terrible. I used to eat so much garbage & drank a lot and I always felt
    terrible. I changed my diet to a high protein and raw foods diet ( along
    with protein shakes ) and I started dropping weight like crazy! It’s all
    about eating healthy , portion control and eating in moderation!

  12. Dali Brabec says:
  13. Diabetes Signs And Symptoms says:

    Can you seriously reverse diabetes or is this a scam?

  14. Cee Bee says:

    Before I watch this, just let me take a wild guess: More fruits and
    veggies, less meat and processed junk food. Did I get it right? lol

  15. Tripitaka Xz says:

    I guess for some it’s hard to have strong will power over cravings. They
    hid chocolates, candy and salt in their huts. It would’ve been good if the
    experiment wasn’t tainted. After all it was an experiment and 2 weeks is
    not that long. They were given plenty of food for survival needs. It’s not
    like they will never have hamburgers and chocolates ever again.

  16. Pablo carrasco says:

    These comments at stupid saying how this and that has been proven well
    guess what why are we Still eating all the bad food? Because they havent
    proved anything. If they would have wouldn’t you think they would fight to
    keep these foods out of stores? The truth is you can eat whatever you
    fucking want just watch how much you eat of and balance everything out. Its
    pointless telling someone this or that is bad since in reality we just get
    used to whatever our environment gives us. As long as there is possessed
    foods for all then they really aren’t horrible for you in portions because
    it’s part of our environment and we as humans adapted to it. Of course a
    lot of anything is bad for you.

  17. Jason says:

    So I completely get that Americans are brainwashed, but I’m definitely
    seeing how brainwashed others countries are too. Seriously how many gonna lie as.if.evolution is scientific and act like any
    of.your “millions of.years ago” events could be proven in the least bit. 

  18. I Ren says:

    Atkins, as counter-intuitive as it is, actually worked in many cases. I’m
    somewhat skeptical but the numbers do seem to add up.

    That being said, I believe a balanced and most importantly fresh diet is
    better than any “vegan” or any other dietary plan. It’s not about an
    unnatural state achieved through artificial means to preserve health but a
    return to the natural one.

  19. Dana Duley says:

    Not a strong documentary, very vague. Needs to attack more indepth issues
    of obesity, GMOs, an the dangers of artifical sweetners, things going on
    right NOW in the world. Disappointed. Seems like it was put together for a
    quick buck. 

  20. Victoria Finnseth Stenersen says:

    The truth about food is that ANIMAL PROTEIN makes you sick. And that a High
    Carb Low Fat Vegan lifestyle is the way to go. Eat at least 2100 kcals a
    day and loose wheight, unless you are already fit or skinny, then just stay
    that way, but feel better. Wholefoods is the way to go!

  21. SaxonVoter says:

    People should totally eat less animal protein. Not eliminate them all
    together (I love a good steak!) but just decreasing the percentage of
    calories from animal protein might just make us healthier. And if you
    replace that with protein from veggies and fruits, it’ll make is a lot
    healthier with all the fiber and vitamins etc.

  22. Ella says:

    They do a lot of unnecessary talking, yet they can’t say vegETABLES. 

  23. Spiritu Sancti says:

    that veg isn’t even cooked wtf? it’s unhealthy to eat uncooked actually -.-

  24. Calibeachgirlie says:

    what pill did they take? and where can i get one? i’m lucky if i go poop
    once every few days :P

  25. Wizard Homer says:

    Fuck u America! Fuck u up the ass for preaching this shit

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