The Skeletal System , Skeleton Dance -How Body Works-with Quiz on Bones

Visit http:/// or,for free science education videos for kids. We are actually born with about 300 bones, but many of these fuse together…

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  1. The Minish Lan says:

    “This is just a human skeleton in the middle of the road!”

    Yeah I’d be scared too

    In fact I’d probably move to Canada

  2. Addie Mae says:

    Like they never say the word “the”

  3. Master of Yoshis says:

    This spooked me way too much

  4. Addie Mae says:

    Why can’t they speak correctly?

  5. ken yang says:

    i am middle school and this video is so easy to remember my health teacher
    alway let us watch skeletal system that is hard to remember if you know
    what i mean this preschool or whatever grade help me remember it easy dont
    think i am a baby it true.

  6. xX_SWAGMaster420_Xx says:

    thumbs up if you were spooked

  7. windows95ism says:

    Flagged for excessive spooky.

  8. Roy Vieira says:

    this was slightly bizarre and educational

  9. pa pt says:

    genius parrot

  10. ruột thẳng lưng gù says:

    This dish or real and very useful for those learning English less

  11. Aleesha Anderson says:

    Hi I think this vid helps cause I watch it at school

  12. Adam Brash says:

    The longest bone in ur body idps ur penis what the hell

  13. Koen Goh says:

    The Rib cage doesnt really protect if you fall theres a chance of your rib
    cage slashing your heart or lungs

  14. Teperz Gaia says:

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  15. Damaris Mendoza says:

    This is weird I don’t get it 

  16. gundog0306 says:

    and they dont have noses :OOOO



  17. aaliyah doyley says:

    learning about this is great

  18. vernel whitaker says:

    This creeped me out a little

  19. Aw3som3man 24 says:

    Lol he thought it was a ghost

  20. Samantha Tanner says:

    Thank you. I’m learning this in class. I have to know 34 body parts. You
    should include the patella(knee) mandible(gaw) philanges(tip of fingers and
    toes) nasal (nose) sacral (top of butt) lumber(lowest part of back) in your
    video to help on more body parts.

    P.s your welcome

  21. Caleb Nadeau says:


  22. stacy wetherburne says:
  23. Sanjaya Weerakkody says:


  24. Morenus park says:


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