The shocking truth about your health | Lissa Rankin | TEDxFiDiWomen

Lissa Rankin, MD is an OB/GYN physician, author, keynote speaker, consultant to health care visionaries, professional artist, and founder of the women’s health and wellness community …
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  1. Morpheus X says:

    If anyone doesn’t have the time to watch this, I can summarize:

    Mental health is important.

  2. Milk Meat Eggs says:

    Eating a balanced diet, daily exercise, getting enough sleep, are
    definitely really important. What if you told me that caring for my body
    was the least important part of your health? I would think you are either
    ignorant or stupid. Its all connected, if you don’t eat healthy, don’t
    move, and don’t get enough sleep, you most likely end up obese, depressed
    and sick. Healing the mind is important indeed, but you can’t ignore our
    biological needs.

  3. Kynario says:

    Amazing lecture. As a pre-biomed science student, this really opens up my
    mind going forward into the medical field. 

  4. bang zoom says:

    This was so informa…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Dave Crabill says:

    I agree with her message. Your reality begins between your ears.
    I’m always amazed at the negative attitudes that are expressed in online
    comments. Some people are just too beaten up and afraid of life that they
    have to try to drag down others to their level.
    I feel that Lissa is brave to share her perspective so publicly. For those
    who see it as an attitude that only the rich and famous can enjoy I have
    one question. What are you doing today to raise yourself up to a higher
    standard of living?
    Now start by loving yourself and those around you. Be Optimistic and
    grateful. Learn something each day and make a plan, make it happen.

  6. Farhat Pasha says:

    Every thing matters

  7. Eudilmir Maciel says:

    When human beings think outside the so callled common sense box, miracles
    take place!!
    Thnx Doc!

  8. UnslavedFilms says:

    everything said is nicked coldly from the great alice miller and wilhelm
    reich (not to mention alexander lowen), without reference. wouldn’t be on
    TED if she did reference those who actually came up with the ideas, you
    know, the originators. wouldn’t be modern and trendy to mention those who
    prefigured what the average twenty something yank steals and calls their
    own. health to this sicko involves standing as a flower without branch,
    trunk and root. very modern but she’ll never change the sick dissociated
    society she’s part of – the new age fuzzy cheshire cat FAKE AS HELL smile

  9. Dainius Diciunas says:

    Quite superficial and one-sided.

  10. darkblood626 says:

    another Woo, woo peddler.

  11. Sean Samuel says:
  12. Arlene H. says:

    Such negative responses here. Her point is evident. Sad world when a
    message of hope gets picked to death by the vultures.

  13. Marcelino Ortiz says:

    Chequen esta plática
    esta muy interesante!

  14. Ben Wark says:

    This makes so much sense. It’s not easy, anything but. It’s common sense
    once you think about it. If we can reduce the stress on our mind body and
    soul ….our overall health has to pick up!

  15. criztu says:

    you mean Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

  16. ong kim says:

    cock and bull story,,,fucking bullshit…………..
    oh yes !!!!!… I love dogs,,,,may be grilled,or steamed,sweet sour,hot and
    I am chinese,I eat every things and my health is even more healthier

  17. Markie Sultrail says:

    This woman is a big fraud, and its another delusion on her mind, don;t buy
    in to these fraud artist,, she is a BIG BULL-SHIT TALKER, and a scheme. 


    Feeling ill? Have persistent symptoms? Body : Mind Connection NEW SCIENCE

  19. clray123 says:

    The presenter seemed like a nutjob from the first minute. Stopped watching

  20. Margot Cairnes says:

    Great to see professionals stepping up and speaking out! The planet and
    people are suffering; change is necessary if we are to thrive.

  21. AirEvolution says:

    The best way to prevent health concerns are things like this. Any critics,
    remember, she is saying this is preventative and not cures. She doesn’t
    suggest a need to avoid medicine and surgeries. WHAT SHE IS SAYING Is that
    there are many people with symptoms that no one can find a specific
    physical cause for, so they remain undiagnosed. You can’t get “standard
    treatments” when no one knows what’s wrong. THIS is when it’s a spiritual
    imbalance which can later lead to things like heart disease.

  22. Andreas Fanelli says:

    This is stuff that I’ve figured out relatively young in life. I see people
    that see the doctors non-stop yet never get better. I’ve seen people who do
    everything healthy fall apart one day because their body gives out. It’s
    clear that the more mentally sound you are the healthier you’ll be.

    That being said I do not see someone onstage who is what she preaches. She
    didn’t seem relaxed at all and her explanations seemed superficial. I think
    there are clear mind body connections that we cannot even hope to
    understand with our current model of physics. I’m sure if we had a truly
    deep understanding of how the universe works we could fully understand the
    body and life in general.

    That being said I hate how so many of these holistic healers are acting
    like they have all the answers. I’ve learned a lot personally by stepping
    out of proven science and observing the fringe of what we know. It does not
    mean that I accept any of it as fact, nor do I try to push my ideas on
    others. I consider our knowledge to be fledgling at best and we are far
    from understanding it all. People like this too me are no better than the
    doctors she criticisms. Prove that there is a mechanism at play and we can
    name it. Until then it is speculation that COULD be truthful, but just as
    easily could not be.

    It really comes down to a gray area that most people can’t seem to tread
    on. Take a look around YouTube and everyone talks in absolutes and “full
    truth”. The rest of the world is the same as this little virtual one.
    People can’t deal with not having an answer. That’s why religions are the
    way the are and people come up with the craziest explanations for things.
    The lack of knowing is the true enemy. We need to realize that we are all
    fools trying to make sense of a incredibly complex universe and we need to
    take it one step at a time.

    Regardless there is still an important message here, so even if the
    messenger is crazy, it shouldn’t dilute the message.

  23. Elle Gee says:

    I’m glad that physicians are finally cluing into this concept of holistic
    health… but social workers have been practicing this for decades… and
    before social workers, Indigenous peoples taught this to their families and

    Side note: Brene Brown is a social worker (YAY!)

  24. tovit ashkenazi says:

    מומלץ לצפייה…

  25. Magalie Castelin says:

    The shocking truth about your health | Lissa Rank…:

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