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  1. GANGSTER5557 says:

    loove it

  2. o0oRewards1o0o says:

    i really loved it, hope your vids get really famous!!!!!

  3. singingcowboy674 says:

    @supersmash43 that we have created to explain scientific theory, physics,
    etc. do not adequately address God. To simplyfy it, compare a first grader
    learning to do basic arithmatic to the likes of Albert Einstein. To the
    first grader looking at his miles of equations, it would make absolutely no
    sense, it in true, would be ILLOGICAL to the first grader the writings of a
    mathematical genius. Now, of course his equations are NOT ILLOGICAL. And if
    the first grader has the mental apptitude for the

  4. Sudesh Bhagwandin says:

    this is so great!!!!!!

  5. iRecordx says:


  6. Dynospazllantastic says:

    my god, i cant belive im watching this right now. me and mom mom got into a
    full-blown argument fully relating to religion (or rather, christian
    beliefs) and she backs up everything she says with the bible n all that. so
    while she was blabbing her mouth off i decided to search “bad christian
    parenting” and happened to come across this video. everything here is
    compley true and i even see and experience those psychological effects take
    place in my own life.

  7. dmvphotographer says:

    Keep it up, I think you’ll go real far!!!!

  8. Nathaniel Zhu says:

    @Dynospazllantastic 😀 Religious arguments are nearly the same for all
    families. There’s nothing more they can argue with – No evidence to back up
    what they say. Then they get angry wondering why we oppose them. Their
    reason for why we should believe in their God is – DON’T QUESTION. JUST
    HAVE FAITH……they’re coward conformists I say. They’re Zombies of the
    society and state. “I have seen the shadow on the moon, and I have more
    faith in a shadow than in the church.” ~Magellan

  9. emerica4343 says:

    wow i can’t wait for ur next video

  10. singingcowboy674 says:

    @supersmash43 broader and clearer perception than does the rest of the
    world. It is true that God supercedes our logic. Notice I did not say He
    supercedes logic period, only OUR logic. Assumptive reasoning would put
    forth that if, and I’m putting it into your words for the sake of argument,
    if, God exists, and He IS Creator of all things; the very role demands that
    He be of an infinitely higher intelligence than we are. It’s not that He is
    not there or He is not logical. For He is. But the laws

  11. singingcowboy674 says:

    @sirgwatathe3 Respectfully, how do you use that same reasoning though about
    someone who has never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached. Never
    heard it spoke of. Yet finds an old Bible, starts to read it, is convicted
    in their own hearts and falls down weeping uncontrolably crying out for God
    to save their souls? When only weeks before they mocked? Can the mere
    reading of scriptures one time have some kind of affect on the brain though
    there is no belief system already in place?

  12. nj741 says:

    thumbs up all the way!!!!!!

  13. crazyabello says:


  14. singingcowboy674 says:

    Though I might agree that the modern evangelical movement is liken to what
    you were describing and most likely your experience I do no not agree that
    it is a accurate representation of what God wants in our lives. You admit
    that the paper that your mom was asking you to fax was different from the
    percieved paper that you gave to your dad prior. Your objection, though in
    your mind was logical at the time, was impaired by the fact you did not
    have all the information; though you thought you did.

  15. SATConfusion says:

    loved it

  16. Sudesh Bhagwandin says:

    loved the vid make more

  17. soccerduuude911 says:

    Keep it up, I think you’ll go real far!!!

  18. singingcowboy674 says:

    @supersmash43 the likes of Einstein, Newton, etc. So therefore in our
    current understanding we cannot quantify God. And we are so proud of our
    own scientific accomplishments and feel so superior that “it’s just not
    possible” for God to exist. When we’re sitting there still learning to do
    double digit division. Do you see the fallacy? We are not trainable. We are
    not willing to accept God’s existence until we can quantifiably PROVE His
    existence; yet we’re only in 2nd grade and He’s nuclear physi

  19. singingcowboy674 says:

    @supersmash43 So, is it illogical to believe that any number + x – or is
    x? Possibly. For a number is simply an assigned value. Assigned. By man.
    Previously there had been no value assigned, for there were no numbers
    before men sat down and drew them for the first time. The reality is that
    the illogicalness is the same, however it’s easier to accept what you
    consider the smaller scale things while it is easy to question the larger
    concepts. Reality IS perception. And I say a Christian has a

  20. singingcowboy674 says:

    @supersmash43 Is there any logical reason in which to believe that 2+2=4?
    You may say “well of course, it’s the correct answer!” But what I say is,
    you ONLY know it to be the right answer, not because you have PROOF that
    2+2=4, only that you have been taught that 2+2=4 is the CORRECT answer.
    Numbers have names assigned that were given by man. It is only percieved
    that facts are what they are because the majority of the people agree with

  21. NeNeRebound says:

    make more this is great

  22. singingcowboy674 says:

    @supersmash43 for the subject and he/she studies and studies, they will
    eventually come to understand the logical concepts behind Einstein’s
    theory. And it’s quite possible, this person could discover a new theory of
    their own. But I guarantee you when they do, it’s not going to be accepted.
    Because it is something new. Something the rest of the people had never
    been able to conceptualize. To them, unless taught, it would be illogical.
    Same goes for God. Our BEST is in 4th grade and He’s beyond

  23. GANGSTER5557 says:


  24. TheDrunkenAtheist says:

    the pit of justin beiber sounds fucked up

  25. anonmann says:

    make more this is great!!!!!

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