The Panera Roasted Tomato & Feta Baked Egg Soufflé Backstory At Panera, we think the best breakfast backstories start with baking fresh every morning. Like our Roasted Tomato and Feta Baked Egg…

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8 Responses

  1. junebug9594 says:

    It’s actually a blue scoop of the 4 cheese soufflé mix, not a purple one!
    C’mon Panera!

    -Panera Baker from Grand Rapids, MI

  2. Tricia Greene says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!! This is the first thing I have fallen in love
    with sense I quit smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. MaileeCat says:

    So good!! I wish I could have one every day. 

  4. rakel fairfull says:

    I don’t like this one, or any of the varieties you have. Bring back Ham &
    Swiss and Sausage and Gouda. I can’t fathom why you stopped making the best
    ones ??

  5. stanley serwacki says:

    This is my favorite recipe thus far. If you change one of the four, please
    make it one of the other 3. I also liked the Gouda and sausage that the
    roasted tomato and feta replaced. This recipe is the hardest to get because
    it’s so tasty!

  6. Panera Bread says:
  7. MonolusTube says:

    I’m always wondering what is in that egg custard! it is SOOOOOO DELICIOUS! 

  8. plumcrazyfx says:

    looks great

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