The Pampered Pomeranian: Removing Tear Stains!

The Pampered Pomeranian: Removing Tear Stains!

READ ME! Hi everyone! This is a new series I wanted to start doing on my channel. It’s about products that I found work well on my dog and I would like to share with you. I know it’s often…
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  1. melvina1970 says:

    I tried EVERYTHING 100’s $ and I have learned that What works without fail
    is simple hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball/pad once daily until the
    stains are gone then just once or twice a week for maintenance. Do not get
    into the dogs eyes, do not saturate the pad, wipe with a downward motion
    and away from eye. After drying apply a small dab of Aquaphor or Vaseline
    to the area to prevent drying and this also helps to waterproof the area
    and decrease new stains. This is perfectly safe and works, unlike all the
    products out there that just don’t and also have unwanted side effects. Ask
    your vet…Other things we do: Stainless steel water fountain with purified
    water or spring (rotate), food that contains no beets, no dyes or
    artificial preservatives, a non colored porcelain feeding dish, no dyes in
    treats and only treats/food made in the US…

  2. Inbreakable07 says:

    Not completely true, I groom my puppy twice/three times a day and she’s on
    Science Diet and I still had an issue with tear staining. Vet says that
    because of her age her tear ducts could be aggravated from teething. My
    Vet said that allergies can cause tear staining too. 

  3. k9rotehexe says:

    Great job! Thanks! I just bought it and was hoping I could find a video
    like this… 🙂

  4. IRON LADY says:

    Hi, very good vid! Thnx for the information. 😉 Do you know where I can buy
    this product in Europe?? Like to have it for my Chi! This product is gentle
    on the eyes right? Thank you! Greetings from the Netherlands 😉

  5. melvina1970 says:

    If you use a small eye shadow brush, with short bristles it works great for
    applying the powder…you get better control and application. You can also
    take a small artist paintbrush with a flat edge and trim it that works well

  6. Rattielover200 says:

    Does the powder thing sting if u get it on his/hers eye?

  7. Steve Johnson says:

    chester u luky dog lol

  8. loveababyxo says:

    @orientasmaniandevil aw! i have a cat too! my dog loves to play with him!

  9. Macarana Gir says:

    It says it in the title, Eye envy,

  10. loveababyxo says:

    So glad you found it helpful! 😀 Good luck with the product!

  11. videoways says:

    Great vid but it would help if you said the name of the product instead of
    just showing it, now I have to find what eye cleaning product has a dog on
    it 🙁

  12. loveababyxo says:

    It cleans the fur. After two weeks of using it, the stains should stay away
    for about a month depending on the severity of your pets stains. Chesters
    aren’t too severe so it usually takes less than two weeks of using it to
    see that it’s completely gone. If your pet has bad stains, I’d suggest
    using it longer than two weeks before expecting a long lasting result.

  13. mangisda says:

    Is it just concealing the stain? Or does it clean the fur? After 2 weeks of
    using it, how long does it keep the stain away?

  14. loveababyxo says:

    Glad to hear! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed & please subscribe for more helpful
    pet videos <3 Good luck with your pups tear stains!

  15. k9rotehexe says:

    serpentkingcrown… really? Maybe you should go back to your vet and ask
    that question again.. ROFLMAO! I think what your vet said was YOU are a
    lazy dog owner because your dog has tear stains and has not been brushed,
    and not that tear stains come from lazy dog owners… Do a little research
    before you make rude comments…

  16. Ruth M Gtz-Garibay says:

    I will for sure get this product for my poodle baby!! Thanks!!

  17. loveababyxo says:

    Hi! 🙂 So cool to see I have someone who watches me in the Netherlands! I’m
    not sure where you can purchase it in Europe, but I know you can get it on or 🙂 Hope I helped! & Yes, this product is very gentle
    on the eyes 🙂

  18. loveababyxo says:

    i don’t exactly have a solution to barking dogs. but what i’ve been doing
    with my dog is yelling his name and saying NO BARK, make sure you say it
    stern or he won’t listen. I’m sorry, I just saw your comment! Hope i helped.

  19. loveababyxo says:

    @andreacuthbert you’re welcome! there’s more pet help to come. it’s nice to
    hear that you and your friend run rescue centers, i wish there were more of
    them 🙁 <3

  20. newgeneration225 says:

    @may27lovehurts ok. my baby is 2 and when i began training him, i showed
    him who was boss. a tiny pop (not hard nor forceful) on the nose kept him

  21. loveababyxo says:

    This product was recommended to me by my vet. Also, using water only
    temporarily removes the stain where as this product keeps the stain gone
    for a longer period of time. I take very good care of my dog and he eats
    the diet that my vet recommended as well. Thanks for your insight, but I
    know what I’m talking about.

  22. loveababyxo says:

    nope! it doesn’t hurt their eyes at all! 🙂

  23. k9rotehexe says:

    then they come one at a time to clean thier eyes. At first I was using a
    baby toothbrush with baby shampoo, but now I use envy eye. Its an extra
    step but they are cool with it. The first time I used my finger but since I
    am a nail chewer that didnt really go so well. This time I used a Qtip for
    the power. It was perfect. I can move the hair around to get under the
    darker areas. Looks like its working…. keep your fingers crossed. Thank
    you for your video, it was really helpful!

  24. Osca Arias says:

    Today i got my Eye Envy for muy malte,but do not know how to use it
    better,your’s video help me a lot! thank you!

  25. loveababyxo says:

    @Amaya Gustave I’m not sure if it’s all natural, but I know it won’t harm
    their eyes 🙂 I tried to look it up for you but I couldn’t find anything
    stating if it was all natural.

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