The Nervous System – CrashCourse Biology #26

Hank begins a series of videos on organ systems with a look at the nervous system and all of the things that it is responsible for in the body. Crash Course Biology is now available on DVD!…
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25 Responses

  1. mochalex says:

    I have enough trouble with affect and effect. Now I have to keep track of
    afferent vs. efferent??

  2. heyysimone says:

    whenever my text book for my uni summer paper makes no sense, i youtube a
    crash course video to see if there is one for the topic im on, and there
    almost always is, and i use that to help me make sense of my text book!
    these videos are so incredibly helpful!

  3. Amy Whittaker says:

    Fantastic video 🙂 are there any videos on the synapse and transferal of
    neurotransmittors from the presynaptic neurone to post synaptic neurone?

  4. Mol Berry says:

    Watching all the nervous system ones because I have a test tomorrow. This
    one is definitely the oldest one. Nervous system cage match!!!

  5. Kirsten Raphael says:

    Afferent: ”a, ad” means ”to” in Ancient Latin
    Efferent: ”e, ex” means ”away from” in Ancient Latin
    thank me later

  6. Tom Stewart says:

    Very helpful! Thank you!! S A M E does work for remembering afferent and
    (somatic afferent motor efferent = S A M E ). Depolarization= becoming
    less negative, EX:-70 mV to 30mV. Hyperpolarization = becoming more
    negative, EX: -70mV to -90 mV. Repolarization = moving back to RMP -70mV. 

  7. Sabrena iMADginer Jackson says:

    That’s me while eating pizza
    Thumbs up for big bites XD 

  8. LiwenDiamond says:

    So who else ordered pizza about 4 mins into this episode because… mhhhhh

  9. The Pip says:

    Did anyone else feel slightly awkward watching him carefully eat that
    pizza? It’s hard to explain why, I just did.

  10. Gayoon Moon says:

    Is hank a biology teacher or something?

  11. Juliana Duran Delgado says:

    There is no words to describe how amazing you guys are 🙂 luv you

  12. Angela Chan says:

    watching him just eat the pizza at the end made me really happy…

  13. fanny parent says:

    I was eating pizza while watching this video xD

  14. Suvin Ediri says:

    your video are the best i wish to see more and again

  15. Dylan Sharp says:

    Need to remember Afferent and Efferent? A=Arrive, E=Exit :)

  16. Steven Mustari says:

    Remember SAME
    S- Sensory goes with
    A-fferent ( to CNS)
    M-otor goes with
    E-fferent (from CNS)

  17. Ignacio Garcia says:

    Thank you since I have an AP test and stressing.

  18. Alondra Villa de Santiago Cortez says:

    I love youuu ;;v;; you make ap bio fun <3 and I hope you enjoyed that
    pizza. I'm jealous XD

  19. berfinnur aydin says:

    this video is a perfect revision for my quiz. thanks to you i didnt even
    need to refer back to my notes!

  20. Night Shade says:

    I watched this video like a lot of times, so confusing…

  21. krankkiwi says:

    this is very helpful. makes it less boring as well

  22. alexis williams says:

    sooo helpful..thanks Hank!!!!!
    you make this world a better place ^_^

  23. John Clem says:
  24. Megan Page says:

    i loved the video on the endocrine system. my only complaint about these
    videos is that you speak way to fast.

  25. Anuradha Mukherjee says:

    the pizza eating expressions were really hilarious n distracting !!! n once
    again thnx for summaricing d whole neurotransmitting stuffs……………
    but if it was a bit more detailed it might would have been better n more

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