The Music Teacher and The Parent Part 3

Felicitys new cornet….

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  1. Feltzer342 says:

    3:39 Wait, wait, wait, back up, back up… first of all, she said she
    didn’t have much money to extravagantly waste, like she had been doing with
    10 music lessons Felicity had taken, that she had failed to pay for…
    which is the most illogical thing I think a person could do with his/her
    money, and she wants to not only buy a pink cornet for Felicity, on the
    grounds that it matches with her shoes and for an event, and probably will
    never use it again after that BUT she also wants Felicity to be tutored in
    an extra instrument?

    …Oh, fuck me, that’s a huge amount of money we’re looking at… and if
    she has that kind of money, then she just dug a hole in her own story, or
    what we in sales call, “A *contradiction*”.

  2. Maggie Butler says:

    I always cringe a little when people say they only practice in their
    lessons…… my friend and I are both preparing for auditions that are at
    the same time (different ensembles, but same level of “I have a lot riding
    on this”), so I asked her how much she practiced per day, and she said
    10-15 minutes! The audition’s in 2 weeks, and I’m doing 2 hours a day. And
    some people wonder why they never improve……….

  3. Tommy Wiseau says:

    “Felicity is talented, like me” Ma’am, if by ‘talented’ you mean
    retarded…then yes…you’re very talented…

  4. sophelet says:

    Considering the idiotic (etc!!!!!) mother, the teacher really keeps his
    cool remarkably well. This is all too true… I’m waiting for the teacher
    with the voice student who has little talent and her mother who thinks the
    girl ought to get the lead in the school musical…just like my reality one
    time (or 12)?

  5. thebrickkid says:

    Haha! This is so true and hilarious!!

  6. jonbob0008 says:

    It should be legal to beat the shit out of stupid people.

  7. choirboyfromhell1 says:

    I love this….and the “NOAA Weather Radio” voices as well!!!

  8. Bob Patterson says:

    “Practice in her lessons. That is plenty.” O man this is giving me music
    teacher PTSD

  9. Mandy Robinson says:

    I am a woodwind instructor – I don’t know whether to laugh or cry

  10. Simon Raven says:


  11. friskyfido says:

    @HornyTuba ????

  12. Alan Sullivan says:

    My husband had to fire his driver…LOL

  13. CWfl11 says:


  14. Ingrid Moreno says:

    Mrs. Toobiglexus? LOL Is it just the fact I’m not a band teacher (I’m a
    student) or their monotone voices that keeps me from laughing? oh well 😛

  15. bgmusic47 says:

    These should be played at every parent teacher evening.!!!

  16. Ryan Palmer says:

    his shirt looks like he’s not wearing one, btw? lol

  17. lolzforfun1337 says:

    How could such a complete bitch give birth to such an awesome daughter?

  18. EmilyA1984 says:

    These videos would make an awesome drinking game.

  19. lolzkittenz says:

    I almost peed myself at 4:22. And at the end. LAWLZ!!

  20. joethemusician says:

    my oboe student, who has never practiced, told me he wants to take piano
    lessons… and the mother is encouraging this. It’s like you have been
    following me to my lessons this week!

  21. G13Keep says:

    I love how he keeps saying “Perhaps you could start paying for the
    lessons.” SO TRUE “That’s about the right amount for a kidney or an African
    baby.” HILARIOUS!

  22. Jaltrumpet says:

    More! These truly make sense.

  23. jjmc321 says:

    “That’s about the right amount for a kidney or an African baby.” This is

  24. orichalcum1 says:

    you’ve gone to a very dark place….

  25. HornyTuba says:

    It shows the daily discussions we have with parents…. NEVER buy a cheap
    Chinese instrument if you would like to support your children!! Any used
    quality instrument with the right support of the teacher will be 100%
    better! If you spend 150 USD for a trumpet- how often will you ask if the
    child alerady practiced? Buy a good instrument and you can be sure it will
    be more fun and faster evolution!

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