The Gluten Free Lie – Unhealthy Foods Are Keeping You Sick

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  1. tangobart says:

    THEN ? what – do – we – have – to – eat ???
    As breakfast ?
    As Lunch ?
    As Diner ?
    RAW is not good…
    VEGAN is not good…
    MUCH fat is not good ???
    what is left ?

  2. JR Woods says:

    This has nothing to do with a gluten free diet. He is simply against
    processed foods. To which anyone who has five minutes of nutrition training
    in health would say, “duh.” Any time-ANY TIME- some one has to rely on “its
    not been researched enough” you know it is based on a need to end up some
    where. Gluten is well established destructive agent of the villi in the
    small intestine that are required for nutrition absorption. I have an
    idea–instead of looking for processed substitutes, how about we simply
    stick to exactly what the experts are telling us to rely on: in-taking the
    90 essential nutrients: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 2
    essential fatty acids. This cannot be accomplished by food in the first
    place because of the mineral depletion in the soils we use. The reason he
    continues to connect corn with various problems is because corn is mostly
    genetically modified and GMO foods are always linked to problems in the
    body and metabolism. And his lack of research into ciliac disease is
    suspect too because gluten sensitivity and celiac are two symptoms on the
    same scale of problem. Ciliac is simply a more extreme form of a gluten

  3. The CFS Checklist says:

    On the fence about starting the Autoimmune Paleo diet? This video might
    sway you. CFS sufferers are plagued with Leaky Gut and Deficiencies. All
    grains not just wheat could be the culprit. The Gluten Free Lie – Unhealthy
    Foods Are Keeping…:

  4. fransiscaveronica7 says:

    blame blame blame on Gluten !.
    what about meat , animal fat, procesed food, … sighhhhh

  5. Dianne Paul says:

    OKKK…limbo a little lower…!!!

  6. noonesflower says:

    Buckwheat makes me feel outstandingly good and I am coeliac.

  7. MindOverEverything says:

    Rice. 5% total prolamine. All of Asia thrives on it. Could it be safe
    for a lot of people who don’t do well with those other grains? I hope so.

  8. ‫ישוע LoveAndButterflies7 ישוע‬‎ says:
  9. Carolanne Wright says:

    Is there a website that lists all the studies you have talked about here?

  10. CecileILYM says:

    Thanks very much for all the precious information that you share. Very

  11. Tosandas Supreme says:

    I have been eating gluten all my life still i don’t have any problem in my
    body created by eating gluten…on the other hand eating meat is worse than
    gluten because if you eat meat that will take long time to digest in the
    stomach and on top of that you are poring gluten that will even take long
    time to digest than with the combination of different kind of protein
    floating in the body creates all kind of diseases. Stop eating meat if you
    what to enjoy gluten. 

  12. QRXTU1234 says:

    Does this include even non-GMO organic grains?

  13. sigmiami says:

    Quinoa is a seed, if your saying it has gluten like protien then identify
    it and site the research. Because it is given to people with who are on
    gluten free diets. 

  14. f2mel2 says:

    I just work hard every day till I feel my muscles tremble and don’t watch
    what I eat. Lectures on diets are for lazy American life styles. Eat what
    you want as long as its not highly processed and unrecognizable. Everything
    in moderation. I hope this spurs you to be more physically active and less
    dependent on silly fad diets.

  15. Laura Sims says:

    This does not surprise me; I am to the point where I am pretty sure they
    want people ill so they can make money treating us. Diabetes is a
    multi-billion dollar a DAY racket! My son almost died when some doctor
    prescribed him a beta blocker (beta cells produce the insulin
    hormone/regulates sugar levels). Big pharma are getting their money out of

  16. Maria Angela Grow says:
  17. Jere V. says:

    It’s surprisingly easy to live without gluten or dairy or sugar after a
    while. The hard part is sticking to your guns when it’s served to you. I
    hate to be difficult, but acne is worse!

  18. Coid2 says:

    I would love Glutenology to create a presentation on foods that are
    balanced and safe to eat so that we aren’t all wasting away eating just
    fruits and vegetables.

  19. Peter Piper says:

    Hmmm… Quinoa is a seed, not a grain.

  20. TheIAMINU says:

    You are not designed to eat grains…grains are not food , grains are what
    food eats…

  21. Linda pruneau says:

    So,goodbye all grains and all meat? I knew this was coming but,man,it
    sucks.Thank you for being honest.

  22. jonathans skurtu says:

    The video mentioned a research study that discovered a type of gluten in
    1952. Could you tell me what I would have to go to school for to perform
    these studies.

  23. Peter Piper says:

    I substitute with seeds and nuts… flax, chia, sesame, almonds. Hope they
    have no gluten.

  24. jajajah86 says:

    In my country and in many European countries GMO plants, wheats are
    prohibited. As far as I know farmers here don’t grow GMO plants. Does that
    mean that corn is safe for me to eat?

  25. The GovNer says:

    90% of the worlds rice is consumed in Asian countries, mainly India and
    China which are the same countries with huge populations living in poverty.
    The workers eat rice because it’s CHEAP and they literally make no money
    working. So even if the majority of these people had symptoms they would
    never make a trip to the doctor unless they were on the verge of dieing.

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