The Future of Air Travel – GE

Subscribe to the GE Channel: GE and Accenture’s joint venture Taleris stands at the forefront of providing intelligent operations services to airlines state-of-the-art…

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5 Responses

  1. Alejandro Santi says:
  2. Tomasz Pelczar says:

    I had subsribed this channel to “get the London look” … He,he,he …

  3. KnightGlint says:

    The future looks bright. Bravo.

  4. robertmcmc says:

    ” All of them would be doomed, the pilots sitting impotent, staring at
    blank computer screens, pulling on controls that no longer respond as the
    plane finally noses over and heads in. ” William R. Forstchen Ph.D. Author
    of “One Second After”

  5. Pratap Shitole says:

    The future of air travel is cleaner,healthier,friendly with talking
    aircrafts!..Who knows? they would be singing also…

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