The Freedomain Radio Documentary – Teaser

Freedomain Radio is the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web – When you look at the natural world, don’t you think: how beautiful it is… All…
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25 Responses

  1. MotesYT says:

    So is this still happening?

  2. JonesTarpley says:

    Don’t mean to nitpick as but a non-American I think that should be
    “altered” not “fixed”.

  3. 1schwererziehbar1 says:

    i think the first music is from empire earth.

  4. Álvaro Bernardes says:

    Same video?

  5. Rattlesnakemeuk says:

    I’ll do a French one 😀

  6. Taylor Smith says:

    thefish103: I laughed out loud. Have you ever heard what Stef has to say
    about agnosticism?

  7. smaug95swe says:

    Do you need translation? ive been a fan of yours since along time… i can
    translate to swedish if you so wish 🙂

  8. Rattlesnakemeuk says:

    Let’s post it on the wall of every single freedom-orientated facebook page

  9. Alex Laird says:

    also I believe it should have read “We created institutions to achieve
    economic stability, and now suffer through endless booms and busts” there
    was no real boom-bust cycle before the Fed.

  10. Álvaro Bernardes says:

    Woohoo a reply 😉

  11. LightPaige says:

    Yes! The sooner this is released, the better – we must reexamine our
    beliefs. Remember the definition of insanity; doing the same thing over and
    over while expecting different results. How poignant. Although I would
    argue that the destruction of our society is not incompetence but
    purposeful and intentional. Of course you know that already. So, great,
    can’t wait for this! I hope you get the funds you need. I’m going on 3
    years of being unemployed so my donation must wait until a miracle arrives.

  12. Marlon says:

    when is this coming out?

  13. Andy Wright says:

    Release date? 1/10/2012? 1 October, 2012? Stefan means October 1st, 2012 or
    10/1/2012 October 1 is the 274th day of the year (275th in leap years) in
    the Gregorian calendar. There are 91 days remaining until the end of the
    year. That’s 53 days from today! Today is August 9th, 2012 So mark your
    calendar and go get a TV with a YouTube app or cheaper, Apple TV for $99.
    It’s got YouTube and podcasts. No wires, theater picture, surround sound
    and it frees up your laptop/computer! Peace!

  14. jeb bro says:

    man this doc will be insane if steph actually take the time and hopefully
    given and supported res to make it.

  15. lolofdoom says:

    when this comes out, Im going to try to spread it like wild fire.

  16. Daniel Key says:

    I can’t seem to find the new documentary that was supposed to be released
    on Oct. 1st. Was it actually released?

  17. thefish103 says:

    I think you’re agnostic, but God bless you anyway Stefan!

  18. Christopher Willson says:

    2 more days of waiting 😀

  19. surrealnumber says:

    i assume he is a future man, and just knows when things are going to

  20. tapary says:

    HAHAHA! Thanks Stef.

  21. Chris M says:

    look forward to it!

  22. drexelfiend says:

    Is it wrong for me to say that the Intro feels a bit like the Kony 2012
    video? Love your show Stef, just an observation of mine.

  23. Robb Kemp says:


  24. BertMuscala says:

    This is extremely exciting.

  25. RodCornholio says:

    Great audio sound!

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