The Elusive Grand Landscape

Sponsored by Lexar Moose Peterson provides ideas and techniques on capturing landscapes in the Event Space. Moose Peterson’s Website
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses

  1. Willfull Misconduct says:

    After watching this presentation I asked myself what I took away from it.
    My take away is… Mr. Peterson is a Photoshop enthusiast, and most of his
    photos are dark. One of the first words out of his mouth was “light”. In
    post processing Mr. Peterson seems to have killed most of the light and
    lost a great deal of detail.
    Mr. Peterson also expresses the desire to capture “the world around it”
    [the subject]. Again, post processing nearly plunged that world into total
    If the public is relying on photos like these to decide on a trip, they
    will be disappointed. They will not get what they see.
    Personally, I try and achieve, to a certain degree what was achieved here,
    but, in camera. I want to capture as much as I can of what I see… what
    most people would see. I rarely use processing programs for anything but
    sorting and storage.
    All that being said, I appreciate the presentation and I think I know
    where he’s coming from… bold colors in a dark atmosphere.

    But, that’s just my opinion.

  2. Danijel L says:

    OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK….. Other than that, nice video…

  3. yudontsay says:

    Overkill of saturation, way to dark images, little detail….. sorry this
    was not appealing to me…

  4. Ryan Daugherty says:

    I thought the originals were much better than the edits.

  5. Piet Prins says:


  6. Debra Armour says:

    this guy is the guru of landscape photography and some of you bitch about
    the video content! get a life. moose has probably forgot more about
    photography than you narrow minded critics know!

  7. YuriFineart says:

    Great video, thanks for uploading!

  8. rob_ak1 says:

    What’s the point of photography when the photographer removes/adds whatever
    they want from the frame and makes such dramatic color shifts? It turns
    into painting for the person without the dedication or imagination to
    paint. If it’s truly a great scene, just compose the shot and let it do
    the talking instead of the saturation slider.

  9. jamc666 says:

    most are overkill with saturation .. :-/

  10. Ponte Ryuurui says:

    this is really good stuff

  11. Agnostos Gnostos says:

    Not an interesting lecture.

  12. kingsmeadow says:

    this session isnt about landscape photography , its about digital
    adding in fake light beams? painting in fake “wispy clouds”? yep, a
    friend of scott kelby

  13. Miranda Norris says:
  14. Nazareth434 says:

    the general rule is if you want better photographs, find better subjects-
    I’m right snack in tree country- andm ountain- so much so that grand
    landscapes are blocked by trees most everywhere- I’ve had to learn to find
    subjects in deep woods which is probably just as hard a your open
    plains/boring areas – Try to find exciting interestign subjects- flowers o
    nthe plains durign storms, frost on trees, whatever-

  15. Skip Spitzer says:

    i learned a few nice things here. great to hear these presentations! thank
    you b&h! those added beams of light are incredibly silly. his approaches
    seem more formulaic than artistic.

  16. Bill Jobson says:

    I believe he said “panels”….If someone is hard to listen to, its better
    not to watch the whole show; please feel free to upload your video for
    others to critique in the same manner that you so eloquently displayed! You
    sound a little jealous of his work, which speaks for its self…..

  17. Andrew Laverghetta says:

    I want a seminar about how to get great landscape photos in the mid-west
    and other incredibly boring places. No photos from any mountainous regions,
    no bodies of water bigger than a pond, just trees and flat ground. Not that
    I haven’t done it myself, just that it seems so much easier to go to places
    that are beautiful anyways.

  18. M Faust says:

    is this guy on drugs? did i really hear him saying (around 1:21) he
    INVENTED ULTRAWIDE PANOS? sorry moose but i can hardly listen to you.. your
    so full of yourself and than such bold and utter BS claims…

  19. kauxkaux says:

    Moose is genius in this talk… as always! Thanks bh!

  20. Heinz Ter Voert says:

    Wonderful webminar, keep them coming

  21. NorfolkPhotography says:

    Great tips, check out my channel for similar wildlife and scenery
    photography, just starting out so new videos up shortly 😀 thanks

  22. Jack DeBlanc says:

    Totally enjoyed this! First class presentation and customer care – Thanks!

  23. Adam Hoggatt says:

    Yeah, and at 22:43 he says he invented adding light beams in Photoshop. lol

  24. drichi07 says:

    I like Ol’ Moose. Always enjoy his presentations. However, Moose and a lot
    of photographers seem to need a course on giving presentations.
    Specifically, using the “ok” every other sentence tends to be distracting,
    if not irritating. I notice a lot of that on BHPhoto.

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