The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained

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25 Responses

  1. 011azr says:

    Isn’t India and Malaysia part of the commonwealth? I just checked the
    Wikipedia about it.

  2. Mike Rauch says:

    Jersey and Guernsey is in reference to species of cow, not nations silly.
    And coincidentally, both species happen to provide the healthiest and
    creamiest milk of all cows, Guernseys beating Jerseys by a slim margin. So
    there are some facts to fill your brain, good day.

  3. TheCrumpetCrusher says:

    I didn’t think Northern Ireland was a country, I thought Northern Ireland
    was a province of the United Kingdom not a country itself

  4. Project Tytan says:

    One mistake and one alone. Northern Ireland is listed as a province, not a

  5. matthew taite says:

    I’m seeing allot of people who are Americans embarrassing themselves by
    claiming to be Scottish or Irish because of heritage. It doesn’t mean shit,
    your an american not an Irishman every time you claim to be from a certain
    nation though not being born there or spent the majority of you life there
    is cringe worthy. Be PROUD of your country and don’t try and harp on other

  6. Rory Browne says:

    “Ireland is not a country”

    It is incorrect to say that Ireland is not a country. Ireland is the
    correct constitutional (Article 4) name for the country that you refer to
    as “The Republic of Ireland”. 

  7. MOS says:

    How well does the UK take American visitors and vise-versa?

  8. thecreatorofthedark says:

    WAIT!! You didn’t answer my biggest question do they laugh at the people
    that use them incorrectly?

  9. peter reid says:

    so does england own scotland still?

  10. Cian Cooney says:

    Wales is not a country, it’s a principality.

  11. KjRocker12345 says:

    Glad the United States departed away from british power and became an
    independent nation.

  12. bobswolfie2001 says:

    I have a question for all of you commenters: If you could own a country,
    which one and why? (Genuine question… Seriously.)

  13. Jeoshua Collins says:

    Yeah, this clears that up. O.o

  14. John Benton says:

    There is no such thing as a British Citizen. Great Britain (or UK if you
    prefer) is a Constitutional Monarchy. So the people who live there (or
    claim nationality) are Subjects of the Crown. This is often forgotten by
    politicians and similar low-life scum.

  15. SuperHamsterhuey says:

    Wait, more people live in the British Antarctic Territory than the Pitcairn

  16. Mikel Holloway says:

    explain why england could end america in a heart beat,

  17. Anna Carissa Rozzo says:

    FYI: The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England

  18. Fernando Flores says:

    I feel like living in England illegally until i get caught and they send me
    back to the states im from California I just dont give a fawk, im going to
    do it its too boring over here i need to adventure, explore…… cheers

  19. Doominator99 says:

    The British Isles should reunite. I would love to see a United Kingdom of
    Great Britian and Ireland. 

  20. Bryan David says:
  21. Daley says:

    Your point at 1:58 is what I hate most about being an English/British
    citizen. I don’t get why everyone seems to see America as the the idyllic
    country for us to model ourselves after instead of being more like our
    European neighbours instead of country 3000+ miles away from us.

  22. Michael Preston says:

    “Even though England in particular likes to pretend it’s an island in the
    mid-Atlantic rather than 50 kilometers off the coast of France.” Could
    someone explain what CGP means?

  23. Jose Flores says:

    In the United States, we don’t care what the Brits want to call themselves,
    we beat their asses 200 years ago and we can easily do it again.

  24. DL Kirkwood says:

    Slow down … I can’t even keep track of what you’re saying let alone try to
    think about how accurate it is. 

  25. Kensie Olsen says:

    Something still not answered: Are we made fun of for using the wrong terms?

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