The Day Dave Tate Changed My LIfe

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12 Responses

  1. Chris Sellers says:

    that was awesome

    “any other questions?”


  2. Salah K says:

    he went in hard on that one

  3. Daniel J Sanidad says:

    I love Tate. I disagree on his business/sport analogy. Business is, or at
    least can be, it’s own sport. Different game, different rules. And there
    lies your “why” answer. 

  4. Hossak 2014 says:

    I agree with him 100%. I have learnt a lot from those who took the time to
    teach me things. I cannot do anything but give back otherwise I am
    dishonouring their example and I become a taker and not a giver.

  5. EvilSecondTwin says:

    Damn. Awesome. 

  6. tirtle198888 says:

    Just badass

  7. jzeus14 says:


  8. Ryan Fisher says:

    What an absolute legend!

  9. Grathner says:

    Tate is awesome.

  10. Horse From Hell says:


  11. jose garcia says:

    Like a BOSS!!! Tate awesome!!

  12. Ironlifeove says:

    Wow, great words

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