The best motivational video you will ever see

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  1. nicodimus2222 says:

    Work is never as important as family. If you’re so driven that you forget
    to eat, you’re likely not giving your family the attention you should be

  2. John Albert says:

    I conjure you, my brethren, to remain faithful to earth and do not believe
    in those who speak unto you of super terrestrial hopes ! Poisoners they
    are, whether they know it or not. Friedrich Nietzsche

    Looking for true motivation ? Like…getting out of this dog eat dog animal
    realm ? Goole Truth Contest

  3. Guillaume Bourgault says:

    Actually, everthing that science tells us about sleep is that the more you
    sacrifice it, the less you have access to your mental and physical
    I despise this glorification of suffering, that started with Jesus on the
    Nobody asks highly achieving people how happy they are. I would bet that
    they are not happier than regular folks, on average. 

  4. RelyBatz says:

    What he’s saying is “you gotta be willing to rip off sleep if you want to
    be successful” ,my point is that he’s saying you got to be “willing” ,he
    doesn’t mean literally forget sleep. In higher terms; things so important
    as sleep you got to be willing to not do in order to be successful. It’s a
    reference not to be taken literally.

  5. Jordan Hunter says:

    How American. How Western! Which is more important: being happy, or being
    successful? Speeches like this are indicative of the Western condition –
    always striving, always wanting, and subsequently never being satisfied.
    Striving has its merits, but what about contentment? Is there no merit in
    being happy with what we are given, with what we have? I believe that our
    cultural indoctrination that we must always chase happiness can be
    misleading. Instead, I suggest a more balanced approach that also includes
    the virtue of patience and gratitude; as Thoreau said, “Happiness is like a
    butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you
    turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your

  6. David Sebastian says:

    It’s ironic how people put too much value on success and too little on
    happiness and satisfaction. I’m telling you people these type of speeches
    are bad, not good for you.

  7. goatboytone1 says:

    I stay up three days in a row all the time smoking meth. Why aren’t I

  8. T Thompson says:

    These comments are horrible!
    No wonder so many people aren’t successful, and will never be.
    I would never be where I am if I didn’t push to achieve.

    After reading these comments, no wonder so many people TRULY BELIEVE that
    they will never achieve more than working a 9-5 McDonalds job.

    Success takes a rare mindset.
    Some people are born with it, some people themselves into evolve into it.
    Some people never get that mindset, unfortunately for them.

  9. Leo Bell says:

    Is it just me or when he says Sucsess, I feel happy

  10. C' PyRo says:

    Thats why Muhammad Ali was so succesfull.
    He WANTED it so bad and he told it again and again infornt of millions of
    people that he will beat the new great champion (GEORGE FOREMAN) and noone
    thought that he would win and guess what? He won!

  11. Paul G says:

    love it!! #gopro #westkirby #gps #speedsailing # windsurfing

  12. Erik Pierce says:

    What if I wanna be successful in eating and sleeping?

  13. Snake Plissken says:

    No sleep and a bad diet will lead to a heart attck

  14. Astra Mccracken says:

    amazing what can do young people now?

  15. ACity100 says:

    what is the beat that is playing in the background?

  16. MCGamesDotNet says:

    I get 5 hours sleep a night and I feel engaged at all times. I have 19
    hours to do what has to be done! <3

  17. Bálint Ujvári says:

    aaaaand back to playing lol it is

  18. Dung nguyen van says:

    Commitment is defined by our actions, not by words or intent. 

  19. Edgar Cardenas says:

    Interesting faces…
    Kind of like it.

    By the way can someone tell me How To get the music 

  20. New World Ebola says:

    Why does America elevate niggers and give them credit for all the wisdom
    written by European leaders? Why is America obsessed with niggers? Look
    at Africa today, it’s a total liability on the west… stop the feeding the
    The more you feed = the more they need = the more they breed.
    You don’t want more race riots… ferguson and detroit should be enough.
    Stop the black on white rape / murder epidemic that is being hidden by the
    jewish monopolised mass media. Stop white genocide.

    White people need a homeland too.

  21. Paul Waldschmidt says:

    *”…Until you want it so bad that you forget to eat, you forget to sleep”.*


  22. AxionHD says:

    best vid ever

  23. Francine El says:

    i aint giving up sleep for no mother fucker!

  24. Sasaki Haise says:

    how did i get here from searching al-capone

  25. Brendan Emery says:

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