The Best Camera Lens for Landscape Photography : Landscape Photography

The Best Camera Lens for Landscape Photography : Landscape Photography

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9 Responses

  1. Uillihans Dias says:

    Photography is such a subjective thing that makes it so hard to deterrmine
    what’s the ideal focal length is. To determine how one can perceive the
    world through any given focal length it is a hard thing to do. I for one
    shoot my landscapes with a variety of lenses and focal length, ranging from
    11mm all the way to 300mm. Sometimes it turns out to be that the best lens
    is the one you’ve got with you. It goes without saying that knowing the
    subject matter and some planning is an essential thing. Here’s some sample

  2. Phillydog1958 says:

    I use a 24-70mm or 16-35mm for my landscape shots, and I usually do stay
    below the 50mm focal length. I rarely shoot above 40mm for landscapes.

  3. tgmwright says:

    Holy hell, how many 25mm lenses are there?? Fucking hack

  4. M1ddy says:

    Jesus, please get your facts clear.. 50mm for landscape..? I dont think

  5. truemorpheus says:

    The included info is far too obvious to make a video out of it.

  6. 0rey01 says:

    Nice I will keep my 50mm lens for now.

  7. KIFQHESE says:

    Human eye sees about 180 degrees, I’m affraid, nearly 270 when it’s moving.

  8. J.T.Essers says:

    @ 0:11 there is a bee buzzing! lol

  9. Rosh Bak says:


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