The art of memory: Daniel Kilov at TEDxMacquarieUniversity

Having struggled with organizational skills as a symptom of his poor memory all through high school, Daniel sought out methods to improve his memory. It was then that he discov…
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  1. Zipee Zipp says:

    WOW! I memorized in minutes what i tried to memorize for years…. so I
    am not stupid after all – the school system really needs to get looked at –
    they do make learning harder that it needs to be.

  2. JC Hawkins says:

    Here are is another one for y’all.
    How to remember the 5 Great Lakes between Canada and the USA.

    What do you think of when you think of a Lake? That’s right HOMES. Big
    Beautiful homes overlooking the lake.

    H – Huron
    O – Ontario
    M – Michigan
    E – Erie
    S – Superior

    When I was in the Military (USAF) I had a hard time remembering the 4
    different types of Generals. Then a friend said think of like this.

    Be – Brigadier (1 – Star)
    My – Major (2 – Stars)
    Little – Lieutenant (3 – Stars)
    General (4 – stars)

    Hope you have fun with these.

  3. Kyle Reynolds says:
  4. Rubifen Errex says:

    Memory doesnt mean shit if you do not apply the memorized data into
    something useful.
    I prefer to be creative than to have good memory.

  5. Rickford RS says:

    Is there a book that explains his technique more in detail ? Thank you!

  6. Lucas Trugeda says:

    Am I the only one getting ocasional, brief audio cuts?

  7. lonewolf/*\ says:

    Awesome! I totally agree. I was off college for three weeks before
    Christmas because I was ill. I carried on studying when my body and brain
    could handle it, I realised I learnt so much more on my own, doing it in my
    own creative way. My dad’s a physics teacher and really, really good at
    maths. I love physics and maths, and I’m doing them for A-level, while I
    was off he taught me lots. But, at my college most of the teachers are like
    droids. There’s no fun, creativity or humour to the classes. I go back to
    college tomorrow. Yaaay…

  8. Louis Sheid says:

    King Henry Died Monday Doing Crystal Meth…right?

  9. Why it Doesn't Exist Channel says:

    what he just used is mnemonics right? yeah that does work, I make up some
    for learning Japanese and it helps me remember it pretty well, especially

  10. israa mousa says:
  11. Rabab Zaghi says:

    This is awesome, thank you :)

  12. Helene Nymann says:

    The Art of Memory by Frances Yates – is a masterpiece of a book about this!

  13. TheAnomaly says:

    The lack of views on this talk is absolutely. Do people simply not realize
    the potential here? Imagine the possibilities this has. Doctors and other
    specialized skill sets could be trained in less time with no risk to life.
    The reason it takes so long to train specialized skill sets is because they
    cannot afford to make the slightest of mistakes in their recall of
    information or the application of it. By simple teaching memory(and
    creative thinking as a by product) in school, education and the entire
    world could be revolutionized. As the speaker said, this is an idea worth
    sharing. By simply teaching people how to recall information better,
    education itself can be shortened significantly.

  14. TheLolyDreams says:

    Great advices =) I bet that will improve my memory a lot.

  15. YuTyuberful says:

    nice general idea but a very naive and aimless talk. you cannot learn a
    language in weeks,and definitely not with these techniques. if you could,
    why didn’t he do it and show us?

  16. Antoaneta Basarbolieva says:

    The art of memory: Daniel Kilov at TEDxMacquarieUniversity

  17. Simone Fletcher says:

    This memory technique has been proven to be efficient.

  18. Proloco47chev says:

    LOL all the brain groupies are like “I must have this man! he will remember
    to put the toilet seat down!”

  19. olapinezka says:

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    time to help better understand how we detect deception. Go to:

  20. iSalted says:

    Maybe that was just bad example but it seemed like using this method made
    me think slower than i otherwise normally would

  21. remfanbefor Lovell says:

    Mnemonics are wonderful, I look for them everyday, but we must acknowledge
    our learning style and what works for us individually.

  22. Danny B says:

    I liked Daniel’s speech and his point about returning these concepts as
    foundational elements of our education. I’m trying to research ways to
    improve my memory for things that I am reading (I feel like there’s so many
    topics I’d like to learn, but that I read too slowly and can’t apply the
    materials, because they’re not ingrained in my memory enough – which is one
    of Daniel’s points). I also am looking for approachess to help my
    girlfriend, who is studying three languages (one of which is Chinese) and
    she’s having challenges remembering all her subjects’ material. If anyone
    has anything tha that has worked for them, would love to hear it! Cheers

  23. The Artful Todger says:

    He should get that boil on the side of his face lanced.

  24. Abir Nefida says:

    when it comes to memory,each one of us has his own capacity as well as the
    way he memorize things. some of us use images others have to write so
    that they can memorize. while other use listening…but all of them needs
    practice. I think the best way to improve your memory is to practice
    more different exercises. while using a variety of exercises you will be
    able to improve your memory skills.

  25. Carsten H. says:

    A great memory has nothing to do with a high IQ or a special ability. As a
    matter of fact, it’s just a skill — like driving a car or playing football.
    Simply anybody can learn it. Have a look @ my channel 🙂 

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