The 3 Coolest Things Built By Bugs

The 3 Coolest Things Built By Bugs

Long before there were strip malls, skyscrapers, and combination Pizza Hut/Taco Bells, nature had its own architects: all kinds of creatures create all kinds of structures for living, raising…

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25 Responses

  1. Adolf Hitler says:

    *sees spider web net*
    oh gee that sure is cool hank
    *begins pressurizing flamethrower*

  2. Antonio Aguilar says:

    Hank should collab with Vsauce

  3. Madalin Grama says:

    WTF? Spiders aren’t bugs. And neither are bees and termites, for that
    matter. Spiders aren’t even insects… Major blunder, Hank. And no, insects
    /= bugs. Bugs are indeed insects, but they’re the insects that are part of
    the Coleoptera order(things like beetles, cockroaches, mantises,
    grasshoppers and locusts). That means that neither flies, mosquitoes, ants,
    fleas, lites nor butterflies are what we call bugs. Uninspired title and
    uninspired video

  4. Logan Hooker says:

    There are taco bell pizza huts? What is my life

  5. darklightlazer says:

    why do i remember things in third person?

  6. west says:

    wait spiders decided to work together? this is horrible what if they decide
    to take over the world next? i was happy before watching this video
    thinking spiders didn’t have secret council meetings!

  7. zeaundra gayle says:

    I figured bees, termites and ants would be here. the spider one was
    surprising. i heard about the giant web before but aren’t ants nest way

  8. Irvin Gomez says:

    Here where I’m at spiders like to make webs on the grass… and trees…
    it’s actually pretty weird 

  9. Luis Casstle says:

    Its been shown that bees actually make honey combs round and it is heat and
    tension that pull the edges out until they meet forming a hexagon.

  10. Cinestar Productions says:

    Spiders are Arachnids you noobs! Don’t you know anything noobs? Noobs noobs
    noobs! Hahaha, someone love me.

  11. adelaide k says:

    stop the video at 3:30 xD LOOK AT HIS EYES!!! XD 

  12. KipperTheArt says:

    Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Spider Queen.

  13. L Desiron says:

    Love your show! Thank you!

  14. Abrar Aly says:

    Since u said kilometre u r from canada

  15. Benny Carpenter-Deason says:

    Yes, that was definitely too creepy.

  16. Helvetica Neue says:

    You better beware, Spiders in Texas became communists. 

  17. Jaden Gale says:

    Those damn termites killed Barbatus.

  18. haloceman4 . says:

    I let a spider free the other day, I turned on the water right before I
    realized it was there so I saved it from the water and let it back outside,
    hopefully it remembers me 

  19. Westonator5000LP says:


  20. 5001rock says:

    If spiders start to eat people we are doomed unless raid makes some type of
    gun that sprays raid everywhere

  21. Mike G says:

    All aboard the train to Nopeville!

  22. Bish Whet says:

    Spooky scary spider webs

  23. Johnny Turan says:

    wasnt planning on going near spiders anyway

  24. Nate Huelat says:

    I have been in plenty of crawl spaces where the Web blocked even the light
    in your hand, and full of creepy crawlies! 

  25. Rebel Pryde says:

    I find the fact that spiders learned to cooperate creepier than their webs.

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