ThatChannel com Interview 2011 06j 03 Frank de Jong: Economic Rent Best Way to Finance Government

Liquid Lunch with Hugh Reilly: Earthsharing Canada spokesperson Frank de Jong argues that government collect economic rent (income without a corresponding cost of production) in lieu of taxes…
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  1. Peter Smith says:

    Awesome, best explanation of LVT/economic rent and its relationship with
    protecting natural assets

  2. Edward Dodson says:

    To add to what Frank de Jong has discussed, the concept of rent can be
    thought of as follows. Every parcel of land has an annual rental value in
    the marketplace (i.e., what the location would yield in income if leased
    under competitive conditions). This value — the rent — is determined by
    the aggregate public and private investment in public goods and amenities,
    not by the individual land holder. Thus, the value is by definition a
    public income that should be publicly collected via taxation.

  3. Steve D'Sa says:

    Economic Rent = Unearned Income….mind-blowing! Gov should collect it! Pay
    off Canada’s debt! and/rr distribute to the people of Canada!

  4. Ken Bell says:

    Some of us not only invest in electric transportation and renewable power,
    but produce it ourselves. We’re in our right mind 19:07 Our “Unearned
    Income” in the huge reduction in transportation costs. As a side effect, we
    produce less pollution. Those who can, do. Those who cant….

  5. Wendell Fitzgerald says:

    We can say to people and companies that own land and natural resources:
    fine, own our land, do what you want to do on, with or from the land and
    all we will ask of you is to pay into the public coffer what amounts to the
    market rent for that land. in exchange we will not tax you what you do on
    or with the land. We will protect your property right to exclusive USE of
    land but we want you to pay the rental value of land to the community to
    pay for public services.

  6. Mark Daye says:

    An excellent, easy to understand, explanation of economic rent. For the
    benefit of us all It’s time for a tax shift!

  7. MichaelGrass House says:

    Frank, what happens when the housing bubble collapses, and all that value
    in houses disappears? Or in fact goes below the price paid, as in the
    2007-8 US bubble? The government can’t collect the economic rent on house
    value increases because they’re imaginary. Housing isn’t a true economic
    rent because the price doesn’t reflect the real value.

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