Testosterone and Crime: What Can Genes Tell Us About Behavior?

Testosterone and Crime: What Can Genes Tell Us About Behavior?

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2011/04/13/Steve_Jones_Nature_Nurture_or_Neither Evolutionary biologist Steve Jones notes that genes responsible for circulating testosterone in men are…

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25 Responses

  1. Meek Peace says:

    Viva la meek

  2. Meek Peace says:

    Viva la meek

  3. Meek Peace says:

    Viva la meek

  4. Chuck D says:

    This guy has no clue

  5. Decadent Crew says:

    this nigga is stupid

  6. N.R Dewi Nurmayani says:

    Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2011/04/13/Steve_Jones

    Evolutionary biologist Steve Jones notes that genes responsible for
    circulating testosterone in men are also to blame for most violent and
    criminal behavior. He argues, however, that the environment in which a
    person is raised plays an equal role.


    Many people see their fate as rather like a cake, which can be sliced into
    a piece called Nature — what you are born with: your DNA — and another
    known as Nurture -the way you live. Life – genetics –alas, is not so
    simple; to separate those ingredients one would have to unbake the cake,
    which is impossible.The UK’s Professor Steve Jones is keenly interested in
    understanding diversity, the role of natural selection and the nature of
    genetic differences between species. His research has led him to study the
    ecological genetics of snails, fruit flies and humans. In more recent years
    however, with information on the genetics of human populations expanding,
    Jones’ interests have moved more towards human genetics. In this talk, the
    award-winning science writer discusses everything from the genetics of the
    royal family and the Siamese cat to what happens to those who eat too much
    cake and whether genes might indeed influence our chance of becoming
    obese.Jones was guest of the CSIRO in Canberra. – Australian Broadcasting

    Professor Steve Jones is Emeritus Professor of Human Genetics at the
    University College London. He has written a number of popular books on
    genetics and evolution, including “The Language of the Genes”, “Y: The
    Descent of Men” and “Darwin’s island”.

    Jones has won the Rhone-Poulenc book prize and the Yorkshire Post first
    book prize in 1994; and the BP Natural World Book Prize in 1999. He was
    awarded the Royal Society Faraday Medal for public understanding of science
    in 1997 and the Institute of Biology Charter medal in 2003. More recently,
    he won the 2009 Zoological Society of London/Thomson Reuters Award for
    Communicating Zoology, for his book “Coral: A Pessimist in Paradise”.

  7. Vonne Monai says:
  8. Wylie Douglass says:

    I’m sorry, but testosterone actually boosts the immune system. This
    lecturer is giving gross misinformation!

  9. silentiumestaureum93 says:

    Bunch of liberal, globalist, faggits trying to sell you books and bullshit

  10. silentiumestaureum93 says:

    What this gay wad isn’t telling you is that WITHOUT testosterone men are at
    risk of prostate cancer and other cancers!!!

  11. Ellis Rennie says:

    @stressgranule Really? That’s interesting, thank you. What I had heard was
    that regular alcohol consumption decreases overall testosterone levels.
    I’ve heard this from many bodybuilding related sources, the general
    consensus among them being to limit alcohol consumption to preserve
    testosterone levels to in turn increase muscle. Would I be correct to
    interpret what you are saying like this, that alcohol raises testosterone
    in the moment, but overall levels will decrease over time?

  12. mrken001 says:

    Cortisol and serotonin also effect violent and antisocial behavoir
    according to some studies. Testosterone by itself probably needs other
    hormones and chemicals like these for it to have negative concequences.

  13. goog2k says:

    @NudistInTheRye LOL!!! Can you say something actually intelligent? Please
    explain it to us. So, what does this video say???

  14. itsabomberscope says:

    Testosterone is very weakly linked to aggression. Google “Strange but True:
    Testosterone Alone Does Not Cause Violence” Scientific American article. In
    fact its hard to point to any solid evidence that more Testosterone turns
    you into the hulk.

  15. Fu Tang says:

    I agree about a “high” levels of Testosterone can cause abnormal activity,
    however, Crime is a broad subject that have many factors involved than just
    Testosterone. I think he is suggesting not to inject high levels of
    Testosterone into your body(agreed). Just hope he’s not suggesting to take
    out(With great power comes great responsibility LOL).

  16. Slug99 says:

    @CammieSpectrum So how exactly do you explain things like male toddlers
    having higher accidents rates than girls. According to the “testosterone
    effect behavior alot”-model this is due to the fact that boys have slightly
    higher testosterone levels which increases the amount of risk a person on
    average is willing to take. This increased wiliness to accept risks of
    course manifests itself later in life as stronger willingness to commit
    crime and do generally stupid shit.

  17. Volound says:

    @ru21yet are you fucking retarded? you are not taking into account the fact
    that some men have willpower and moral and ethical values. you are assuming
    that men act on every impulse. youre a fucking clueless, thoughtless idiot.

  18. jismith1989 says:

    @volound Yes, I don’t like this genetically determinist kind of
    pseudoscience — I mean, I’d bet that Steve Jones here has relatively high
    testosterone levels for a man of his age (looking at his jawline, for
    example, the strength of which tends to be correlated with such) and I’m
    not sure that he’s committed any crimes yet. More important are societal
    issues, such as the appalling fact that well over two thirds of UK
    prisoners are functionally illiterate.

  19. ravenheart93 says:

    @Tzimnewman3 Sounds like someone researched genes to find a link to
    testosterone levels and crime.

  20. eugene chok says:

    heh this guy needs to see what teenage girls do to each other…. i’m glad
    i had to fight in school rather then deal with the level of cruelty that
    teenage girls have to deal with

  21. ravenheart93 says:

    @MRELTUCO2 Of course it’s natural and that was what this was all about. The
    simple matter is it’s both surrounding and biology. Testosterone is one of
    many parts but genetic factors regulate it.

  22. ravenheart93 says:

    @CRAPCANNONS It is explored in the book, but it’s a novel, it was made for
    entertainment. Burgess did use it for a satire on humanity, he was no where
    near anti-scientific. He actually loved science and supported advancements.
    I know it wasn’t prophetical because he said it himself in the preface of
    the version I bought. The preface of course was written by himself. I am
    going into college to study physic or cosmology. I don’t know which one
    just but anyways I’m not interested in pseudo-science

  23. ravenheart93 says:

    @kaxitaksi There are lots of behavior genes and it’s not as much as the
    gene it’s self it’s the combination of the gene and the person’s
    surroundings. He said that in the video.

  24. Zombicide says:

    @darkwhitedirewolf “what about low T?” Low testosterone, as opposed to
    high, correlates with high IQ … and also low IQ, though additionally I’ll
    say the low is presumable the female population mostly or e.g. the Miss Js
    of the world, Miss J being the tranny from America’s Next Top Model.
    Possibly estrogen adversely effects IQ just as testosterone does,
    classically it’s known to make people into feelers rather than thinkers
    after all, although I wouldn’t necessarily word it that way.

  25. ichhatte27zentimeter says:

    this is the most disgusting thing i’ve ever heard whoever was on
    testosterone then off and waited for normal testosterone levels to come
    back knows you are a total retard either you are a total retard that knows
    he is lying to himself or you realy have no clue of what the fuck you are

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