Terry Crews On The Importance Of Fatherhood

Terry Crews was recently on “The View” and shared his opinion on how every child needs a father. I don’t think there was anything wrong with his comment and he’s right. It’s just that as a…
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  1. Andrale Marie' says:

    Throwback Post: Terry Crews On The Importance Of Fatherhood

    Terry Crews was recently on “The View” and shared his opinion on how every
    child needs a father. I don’t think there was anything wrong with his
    comment and he’s right. It’s just that as a society, we’ve gotten
    comfortable in letting children be raised in single parent homes or by
    their grandparents; when a child really needs their mother and father. Both
    of them provide a different of type of nurturing, discipline, guidance,
    teaching and etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, several children who grew up in single parent homes or
    raised by grandparents became effective and productive adults. But pain is
    still there of not having a bond with their fathers or the union-ship of
    their parents in general. The family structure is very important and
    America has many grey areas, that it sometimes forgets the foundation of
    certain things.

    But anyways, check out the video. Terry Crews almost got eaten alive from
    the women of The View. And I think it’s because some women want to be so
    called independent so bad, they would rather raised children on their own
    and they forget what the purpose of a man is. What his role is and why God
    created him.

    How can a woman teach a little boy how to be a man? She can teach him how a
    man treats and honors a woman, which applies to him being a man but as far
    as the nature of being a man, how can a single mother teach her son that?
    To manage his emotions and feelings like a man. Because men and women
    manage their emotions and feelings differently. Not just on a emotional
    level but a mental, psychological, spiritual and physical level, how can a
    single mother teach her son how to be a man?

    On the other side of the coin, how can a single father teach his little
    girl how to be a woman? He might be able to teach her how to treat and
    honor a man, how to carry herself like a woman but; can a single father
    teach his daughter how to manage her emotions and feelings as a woman?
    Also, can a single father teach his daughter how to be a woman on a mental,
    psychological, spiritual and physical level?

    And how do these children become effective and productive adults without
    the nurturing, guidance, teachings and etc from the opposite parent or a
    role model of it?

    Terry Crews makes a valid point. America, out of all countries promote
    single motherhood, teen pregnancy like it’s cool. Instead of building up
    the family structure of both parents in a child’s life.

  2. alan harvey-bowen says:

    I think what what he is trying to say is that men are necessary in the
    lives of children both boys and girls. He is saying that there are certain
    things that only a man can give to a young person just like there are
    certain things that only a woman can add to your life. This is contrary to
    what society and feminist ideals have told us so people resist . Also
    people are looking to defend gay families. All he is saying is male
    mentorship is a necessity in a young persons life and that father hood is
    the ideal and gold standard for child rearing. 

  3. Blue Aqua says:

    Isn’t Terry Crews a feminist? He makes a lot of stupid comments in a recent
    article on feminism. Which is interesting because it completely conflicts
    with the positive message he has here.

  4. composer63 says:

    Are they really arguing about who is more important in a child’s life?
    maybe they are both special in different ways??? feminists think they are
    just better I guess… anti equality here… boycott the view…

  5. 1523119 says:

    This guy is a real man and a strong and loving father. A woman can be
    independent, he is not saying that. He is simply speaking of the importance
    of HAVING a father as well. He is telling the men to step the hell up. =)

  6. Taelan Baylor says:

    These women think confidence is feeling good. Terry Crews know what it is.

  7. jerome taylor says:

    Thanks Terry for speaking up for the men!! I was raised by my father as
    well as my mother! There are certain qualities that I attribute to having
    been raised by my dad!! There are also a lot of wonderful qualities that
    are instilled in me because of my mother! I am so thankful for that!!
    And the last time I checked, in case there are those who feel MEN are
    expendable and you don’t need them, it still takes a male and a female to
    create life, whether through normal sexual encounters or through artificial
    insemination! There is a MAN in the mix somewhere!!

  8. F B P Kustoms says:

    Why don’t us me just do these women a favor and stop giving them kids and
    donating yo sperm banks for a couple years then they’ll see how important
    we are. I knoe.its a little drastic bit in looks like we are moving from OK

  9. Taelan Baylor says:

    Ha! That blonde woman. You can attempt to give that to a boy, but it really
    doesnt hit. The black woman said it totally right. The Dad doesnt flinch at
    tears, the Mom is like “oh come here baby”

  10. maziin wendhu says:

    They were so adamant to disagree an argue about the obvious.especially
    within the African American community this is a major problem,that has an
    is causing so much damage that becomes generational.

  11. maziin wendhu says:

    +Lola Oluwakemi i totally agree with you.

  12. Jack Master says:


  13. fatsomamacheese says:


    Terry Crews: “There are some things that only a father can give you.”

    Jenny McCarthy: “Are you saying that my son doesn’t have confidence?”

    No Jenny…he’s not saying your child specifically lacks confidence, or
    that it’s impossible for a single mother to raise a child who is confident.
    He’s saying there is a reason children raised by a single parent (woman OR
    man) are more likely to go to jail, drop out of school, have a baby in high
    school, do drugs, not go to college, and/or commit suicide. Being raised by
    a single parent gives you half the equation.

    But go ahead, do that thing where you turn a real issue for MILLIONS of
    children, especially boys, and make it about an insult directed at your

  14. E Kirkwood says:
  15. Aniel Sardjoe says:

    You’re Right Mr.Terry Crews…

  16. yemi akintunde says:

    This video explains how messed up and confused women in this country are!
    When a woman thinks she doesn’t need a man, especially to raise a child,
    especially a boy, she is confused as hell! Damn, I hate feminism! 

  17. Devon Bandison says:

    Recently on #TheView Terry Crews received backlash for his comments on

    Tell me what you think about his comments and those of The View Co-Hosts.

  18. Jamey Howard says:

    I don’t they really grasped what he said fully.

  19. THE JAV says:

    These women have been on the merry-go-round of cultural confusion SO long,
    that they can’t even appreciate what this man is saying, and yet he also
    swims in the waters of liberal Hollywood! How easy it is for them to then
    criticize all those fathers who abandoned their families but yet here,
    they can’t praise ONE who stays home. Tsk, tsk, tsk. 

  20. joepropsnyc says:

    There’s “NO” way a woman can teach a boy how to be a man. A woman can
    teach a boy how to treat a woman but not on how to be a man. STOP the

  21. Rico Osito says:

    Terry crews is absolutely correct. Being a male being raised by a single
    mother and older sister with no male influence I lacked confidence growing
    up. It may sound crazy but I found alot of manly qualities from the thugs,
    pimps, pastors and hardworking men that supported their family around me. I
    filtered out the negative things from the thugs and pimps but extracted
    bravery, confidence, assertiveness, proactiveness and much other things
    that made me the man I am today, I thank God..

  22. dpillay009 says:

    This is why the View is a joke. 

  23. shawnie94 says:

    Terry is absolutely correct! Jenny & Whoopi need to shut the hell up!! I’m
    so sick of this attitude that women can do everything a man can…NO. If
    that were true we all would be one gender. Fallback and recognize a man’s
    importance in a child’s life. Girls & boys alike.

  24. georgiaboi7193 says:

    Somebody told about this so I came to watch. He really said Stallone was a
    father to him. GTFOH!!!! This guy is an idiot.

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