Teeth Whitening Tips: How to Remove Stains From Teeth

http://bit.ly/bWkftw – Whitening coupons, reviews and a cool app to whiten your teeth in pictures! Teeth Whitening Tips: How to Remove Stains From Teeth Food and drinks such as coffee,…
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  1. Cory Kennedy says:

    This letter is probably the most important message you have ever read
    regarding your oral health! Make sure you don’t get distracted for the
    next 10 minutes and read his amazing story until the very end.

  2. Austin K says:

    does anyone feel the awkward sexual tension between them

  3. RamonaeThe Ragged says:

    **Looks At $20 Whitening Strips** There goes my allowance…


  4. Orthodontist Anchorage says:

    Thank you for these tips! Pearly white teeth is surely a win..

  5. Orthodontist Greensboro says:

    Great video! Whitening tips is very important to us..Thanks for sharing…

  6. Dr. Thomas DeFinnis says:

    The tips that pop up during the video is a nice touch, a bit too fast to
    read sometimes, but they’re very helpful.

  7. jessica perez says:

    Thx so much

  8. Howdini says:

    Well, there may be more going on. Make sure that you brush your tongue
    really good as well. All the way as far back as you can go w/o gagging and
    the sides and underside as well. Make sure you are using a really strong
    mouthwash and really slosh it around for 30 seconds to a full minute. It
    should burn at first but as the germs are being killed it won’t burn as
    bad. Also mention this to your Dentist the next time you go in for a

  9. Brandon Hernandez says:

    Dr.Kantor, You handsome son of a bitch o-o

  10. Brittany Diaz says:

    I also ha e braces stains n took them out and it looks bad. : “(

  11. Howdini says:

    You doctor is correct. There are certain medications whose side effects
    include permanently stain you teeth. It is unfortunate but true.

  12. Howdini says:

    Thanks for the feedback on the audio 🙂

  13. Useless02 says:

    doc…i can’t hear you…

  14. abarahim tvk says:

    L need helpe for my teeth ?

  15. Howdini says:

    Sensitivity can be caused by a number of different things. Are you still
    experiencing it? If so, you really need to have your dentist have a look to
    see what is going on.

  16. Natasha Nabilla says:

    can i use colgate to whiten my teeth??

  17. kenicke579 says:

    wow thanks! I have two light brown spots on my front teeth. I don’t smoke
    or drink coffee or any of that but my doc says it was most like caused by
    medicines i took as a child. I’ve been rinsing with hydrogen peroxide
    lately and I’m thinking of trying some stain removal whitening strips to
    see if they work!

  18. emily sanchez says:

    well this is helpfull but my friend has braces and she wants to get rid of
    them and she wants to known how and can you make a video cause she keeps
    asking me plzz and thx

  19. Avalon Morpho says:

    my cousin is crazy she uses to different toothpastes at the same time on
    one tooth brush and then she flosses her tooth rapidly with 5 strings and
    she takes a glass half full with different kinds of mouth wash probably
    with 3 different brands then takes a little sip then spits it right out and
    repeats the mouthwash process until the cup is finished i think its really
    wierd but she wont liston to me

  20. fruitloop33344455555 says:

    Theres this new thing in my area where you put on these strips and it
    straightens your teeth over time, I haven’t gotten braces yet and I’m
    wondering if these will work.. I wonder what Howdiniguru will think about

  21. Howdini says:

    Have you asked your dentist about it? Have you questioned the possibility
    of prescription medications staining your teeth?

  22. abarahim tvk says:


  23. Lemonos201 says:

    Doc, thanks for the reply. I have to ask you something. At school my
    friends eat junkfood but later their breath do not stink. How? They also
    eat the food which has onions and garlic. How come they’re breath don’t
    stink doc?

  24. abarahim tvk says:

    My teeth tis very bad l need helpe

  25. Howdini says:

    Sorry, that is for her Orthodontist to do.

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