TEENS REACT TO THRIFT SHOP (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)

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25 Responses

  1. TheFineBros says:

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  2. Nick Manns says:

    like if you r watching in 2015

  3. Lil /mu/ck says:

    “First white guy who can actually rap after Eminem”
    lol kids these days.

  4. RibottoStudios says:

    Mr. Gucci needs a serious reality check .

  5. alex louis says:

    i havent bought clothes in over a year ahhaha

  6. Kakashi Hatake says:

    Any one heard of g eazy all macklamore does is sing 

  7. ErilarxTheMelon says:

    “First white guy that can rap since Eminem”… Have you heard Scott Hoying
    from Pentatonix? Their version of Thrift Shop is faster and he NAILS it.

  8. Shomix says:

    Macklemore & Eminem needs to do a song together

  9. ThePumpkin2006 says:

    Why isn’t Alix on the show any more?

  10. Ancora Fedele says:

    Like who’s watching in 2015 LMAO

  11. marissa gatmaitan says:


  12. Logan Borg says:


  13. ruhan varghese says:

    Teens React To Thrift Shop – Lindsey Stirling & Tyler Ward

  14. The Shadow Wolf says:

    So can I just have Alix’s number? She is seriously gorgeous lol

  15. hayden stevens says:

    Teens react to wings from Macklemore

    Like if u agree

  16. suejak1 says:

    What a sunny video :)))))))))))

  17. DMT41320 says:

    My elementary school teacher played the trumpet in “can’t hold us”

  18. carolina martinez says:

    Isn’t Lia from expelled the movie 

  19. Brown_Unibrow says:

    I need those batman footie pjs. GIVE THEM TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. holopolo koussay says:

    teens react to anaconda

  21. Skydaggerz83 says:

    my Classmate and i used to sing this in front of the class

  22. Hugo Santos says:

    that’s not rap…try searching 2pac 

  23. Jess the husky♥ says:

    I just looooove this song!!!!!✌

  24. Minecraft:) says:

    Kids react to Charlie the unicorn

  25. Josh Osborne says:

    Do can’t hold us plz

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