Teens React to Bullying (Amanda Todd)

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24 Responses

  1. Moo Marie says:

    The thing about going to adults about bullying is that most of the time
    they don’t do anything about it. I must have gone to the same adult about
    the same person at least ten times in about three months, with witnesses
    and everything, and he didn’t even talk to her about it. I remember him
    saying to me “At this point I wouldn’t call it bullying.” when I’d come in
    repeatedly and told him everything, and even cried. And even after that, I
    went to almost the entire office staff, even the guidance counselor, and
    nothing came of it. It’s ridiculous, and we need more adults that will
    actually do something REAL about it. 

  2. agito24able says:

    For you Amanda Todd R.I.P
    Even in death you rich use all an that what they did is pitiful an they
    should be held for it but of corse people like that are nothing but
    children them selfs I understand that the pain u had wouldn’t go away or
    the pain u gave your self would help but for little because there would be
    someone reminding u for what u r but they were wrong because you are the
    women that touch use all but for the chose u did is sad an shouldn’t have
    done it but for now we the people that have watch ur story will carry it
    with use an teach are children that this is for not you to do or to put
    others down in that way u help them by picking them up and by standing by
    them an telling the bully’s to F off for that they are lower for what they
    are doing to them so Amanda Todd I’m sorry for what they did an how you
    delt with the pain because of fullish persons or person an good night
    Amanda Todd hope u find piece. 

  3. Olivia Norman says:

    ok the people that bullied her their minds are messed up! who would do that
    to a poor girl

  4. Misty parrales says:

    Rest in peace Amanda <3

  5. Ashley Spencer says:

    Poor lia and that girl I feel so bad u wish I could be her friend and
    helped her

  6. Softstar AJ says:

    I hope those bully receive a punishment and see this and/or the original.
    Do you feel happy, that someone who made two mistakes died? I certainly
    hope not. That’s not right, at all.

  7. Matthew Harryman says:


  8. Let Us Play GAMES says:

    Omg I’m crying so much

  9. Emily Bikowicz says:

    And what’s sad is that adults also bully. People in my neighborhood have
    been bullying me for 5 years and even when the police got involved nothing
    was done. It is important to stay strong. People love you, even when it
    seems like you have no one, you really do. There is no reason for anyone to
    degrade another person. 

  10. Anna Banana Fo Fanana says:

    If somebody told me to kill myself, I’d fake my death (of course having the
    people I care knowing) leaving a note saying: “You got what you wanted.”
    I wonder what’d happen then, eh? Would you continue bullying people to
    their death? Can you just imagine that even before you punch that kid or
    call her names? 

  11. Sakura Haruno says:

    People have no Heart. ._.

  12. Let Us Play GAMES says:

    I would have stand up for her

  13. Anita Lin says:

    stopppp being a buuullyyyyy

  14. Sophia Lamela says:

    Dear Amanda Todd,
    If you are reading this in heaven, you are the nicest, smartest, most
    beautiful girl I have ever seen. This should not ever happen. People should
    be arrested for this. It is the equivalent to murder. I am so sorry this
    has happened to you. Any bullies who are watching this, NEVER EVER do this.
    There is no reason for this. By bullying you are making YOURSELF look bad.
    NOT the victim

  15. Brianna Sharrard says:

    I’m trying not to cry!!!!!!

  16. Mackenzie Cray says:

    Poor, poor, poor, poor, Amanda. You are amazing and I hope you are in a
    better place and are happier. R.I.P <3

  17. Marios Wallace says:

    I’m sorry for Amanda Todd 

  18. Alex Davis says:

    If Amanda was still alive today, i would be her best friend, No one
    deserves to be alone

  19. Jimmy Breugelmans says:

    Rip Amanda you didnt need to do this….

  20. Leyana Moy says:

    Amanda Todd is a person that held strong but fell she never had a chance to

  21. allysa beam says:

    I hope the bullies live with the guilt that they killed a sweet girl who
    didn’t mean to do anything wrong.

  22. foley1471Gpro says:

    First thing .. this was a sad thing , i pray to God that she will make it
    to a better place .. second thing .. i had a friend last year who was
    confused about her sexuality , she was dating girl who dressed as a man ,
    which i dont judge her but she was confused and was bullyed because of that
    and other reasons.. till she could not take it and ended up … hung
    herself the night of midterms on friday … so when i was in school that
    morning (friday) many were crying and upset .. which she was one of my old
    childhood friends .. this affected me and everyone so .. I set up on march
    31st a mass to be said for her and i do hope that people will stop
    ..Judging others, discriminate , and choose to abuse them verbally and
    physically .. please stand up for those who are being bullyed take the
    pledge .. before its too late 

  23. Nicola Milovic says:

    Rip Amanda Todd #stand up to bully’s

  24. Kai Koop says:

    I honestly hope those bullies live with the guilt that they caused Amanda
    Todd to commit suicide 

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