Techniques to Improve Your Spoken English ESL British Pronunciation Techniques to Improve Your Spoken English. Volume, vary pitch. speed and pauses.

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25 Responses

  1. noe rivera santamaria says:
  2. Lu Cas says:

    I´d like to know the use of Glottal stop.
    I mean, when to use it, the rules, is it good to use it? all that stuff. 

  3. poppedweasel says:

    This should be a primary school lesson for all English people as well!

  4. Viacheslav Kr says:

    Great, Alex!

  5. yang qin says:

    Let’s not be murderers of the English tongue! The paradigm of being
    proficient in English is the ability of expressing yourself clearly in good
    English. The fact is that NOT all native speakers are good at

  6. Monika Sadowska says:

    brilliant :)

  7. Tamdin Dorjee says:
  8. CroatGWKs says:

    Celly’s Albanian goat dad

  9. DCC095 says:

    I’ve been studing english since I was 6 and I think that the best way to
    learn english is speaking it with a foreigner. I usually talk with
    foreigner friends by skype (Who are from european countries) and it have
    improve my capacity of speaking and understanding english. Congratulations
    for the online advices! 🙂

  10. 100ciucas says:

    You’re simply the best!!

  11. Xavier Cortina says:

    excellent! great video as usual

  12. CACC says:

    FIve Star lesson!

  13. stvnfgf says:

    I really want to thank you, I appreciate your time and people who are
    worried about the other’s learning like you! 🙂 I got a question… why did
    you say “Here’s some techniques…” and instead of “Here are some
    techniques”? Are both correct? Best regards from Costa Rica

  14. Andrea Giovanni Pietro Berruto says:

    I wish I had a teacher like you before!!!

  15. Артем Мартынович says:

    I like your beard

  16. Mohammed Ibrahim says:

    Dear English Teacher I am Mohammed Ibrahim & I am from Bangladesh. I am
    started watching your videos from last month. These videos are very
    helpful. I really wanted to learn standard British English, as this form of
    English is the correct & original form of English. However I am very weak
    in English & my vocabularies are very poor.

  17. iswearenglish says:

    solo en internet

  18. LettyDzn says:

    Celly your dad is dumb!!! GAY

  19. Kati Svaby says:

    Many thanks . In the future I try to speak keeping your every advice. For
    me it is a great problem that I speak monotonously, and I can’t pose, so I
    don’t use the hitches either.

  20. iswearenglish says:

    you are right it should be here are some techniques

  21. Fabrice Poirette says:

    Useful tips and techniques. Thanks for these priceless advice.

  22. iswearenglish says:

    @miky740 people often don’t realise how important this is.

  23. kelly quintino says:

    hi, i loved your videos.i am watching all of them.please, can you help me?I
    am living at Ireland now because i ´m studyng english.i am surffering with
    this, I am shy because that i speak very low, and i don´t change the
    tones.i am at the intermediate level, but i don´t speak very well.could you
    to give me some tip about pronunciation? Thank you anyway your videos help
    me a lot. thank you!

  24. iswearenglish says:

    just try to copy the sounds that native speakers make

  25. Ivan Maydana says:

    Thanks! Could you explain the difference between: Llevar, traer? I said
    that in spanish because i’m really lost in englsh, anyways, thanks a lot!!

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