Teaching Basketball: Improve Ball Handling Skills – 15 minute Workout

Teaching Basketball: Improve Ball Handling Skills - 15 minute Workout

This is a 15 minute basketball workout to help improve and sharpen a player’s ball control. Each drill lasts for 30 seconds, but the final part is a free style dribble that lasts for 1 minute….
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25 Responses

  1. David Dabel says:

    Hi guys. Hope all is well. Some new exciting workouts will be posted very
    soon. Also please send me your requests. Thanks.

  2. Dual Blader says:

    For people having trouble with their left hands, you must have a balance
    muscle level for both hands so you must lessen your masturbation :3

  3. ProdigyGaming says:

    He’s black so i have trust in this work out 

  4. ShutTheFuckUp says:

    I’m a big man 6’3 15 years old, I’m okay at dribbling but the last few
    minutes of two balls dribbling low and one high another low I had trouble.
    If I do this everyday for 8 months will it improve a lot?

  5. DigitalPlane says:

    The problem i have is the 2 ball drills and the dribble with the finger
    tips other than that piece of cake great workout for basketball the best
    ive seen its really helpful for me since im a point guard

  6. Luis Jimenez says:

    Just wanna know, what was the point in the one where he rotates the ball
    around his head, what was its purpose in improving ball control and

  7. piizzatiiiime5 says:

    Great workouts!!!!!

  8. MonoTown2025 says:

    I suggest doing this in sets, it’ll be tiring and it’ll give you crazy ball
    handling. I always do each drill for a minute, but I’m changing it to 2
    minutes each drill, and I do them for 3-4 sets. If you want, throw on the
    plastic bag to get kyrie handles, lol.

  9. king kjsouljah says:

    Level one complete, next level using tennis balls lol thats what i did 

  10. karla alvira says:

    Hey I am Daniel I am a piont guard at school I am very good but can you put
    one of driving in

  11. 기호준 says:

    I tried this first time today, and it really hurt my back. what can i do?

  12. Ghost Motion says:

    Is it okay if I just do the wrap around drills instead of the lower finger
    tip dribbles? It’s hard for me to do.

  13. GeoKatz says:

    Why dont you post more videos. I will start doing these drills.

  14. Solentos says:

    Look up.

  15. jericho troxel says:

    Thank u so much this is so helpful

  16. Rajko Radomirovic says:

    Its still surprise me just how a number of people have no clue about
    Spovelax Training Program (search on google) even though many people
    improve their basketball skills using it. Thanks to my personal pal who
    told me about it. I’ve improve the weakest part of my basketball game. 

  17. Reggie Bas says:
  18. Tùng Trần says:

    thank you so much ! i wil try hard :)

  19. Flaming Spaz says:

    can you talk or sum

  20. WelcomeHome643 says:

    Would doing this drill while not looking at the ball be more effective? Or
    is it still going to improve my handling the same?

  21. Oliver Patag says:

    I like the sound of the ball driblin

  22. Mechov Reporting UP ! ! ! says:

    How long did it take to achieve this result????

  23. Philippe Francois says:

    Are u using your fingertips to dribble the ball ???

  24. Moddaofgod says:

    I just watched this video because I just restarted playing basket. Great
    video! I already played for 4 Years when i was smaller then I stopped, but
    I think basket is my sport. I wanted to know if you think I can manage to
    catch up with people who played for longer, if I practice every day? Anyway
    thanks for video ( sorry for my spelling but I’m Italian )

  25. LilBlacJac510 says:

    Does anybody know if this worked 

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