TAS – Pokemon Yellow run in 0:00 by gia (01:09.63)

TAS - Pokemon Yellow run in 0:00 by gia (01:09.63)

READ DESCRIPTION Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=83DBE1662C619EEE This is a Tool Assisted Speedrun – TAS, it uses an emulator, savestates, bots and whatnot. They are…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. мм Turtwig says:

    Pokemon without Pokemon… :/

  2. Guerreiro Plays says:

    POKEDEX RATING: fire TM8 eyeTM8 nROCKET8 nose8 Veye8 ieye z money
    symbol t fire fire nose1 deye fire eye1 error.

  3. Guerreiro Plays says:

    the 1 error makes you win! 1:13

  4. Bow Down097 says:

    I’ve tried 172 attempts… Can’t do this f*cking glitch.

  5. Thomas Shinji Demotucordis says:

    Twitch Plays Pokemon players should watch this: and now where is your

  6. Fnoigy says:

    Like a true pokemon master

  7. Abigail Wiklund says:

    +Anthony22334455 The steps will be different in Red and Blue than in
    Yellow. I don’t know the details, though.

  8. The Greatest Jeneration says:

    My jaw is still dropped and the end credits are done already

  9. Álvaro Schechter says:

    does “Tool Assisted” includes hack? I guess…

  10. argancyamat says:

    Windows 7 runs on machines that are probably a good 50,000 times the speed
    of a Game Boy and have a few million times the amount of memory. They have
    room for error checking; Game Freak didn’t.

  11. CatSkinCap says:

    Pokemon Master? Bitch, I AM the Pokemon Master. *beats game in 0:00*

  12. KazoWAR says:

    I tried to do this my self and after starting anew game and saving and
    restarting I can not open the pokemon menu =/

  13. gia says:

    @Drakodan eh? It was never submitted to TASVideos. Don’t worry though, I’ve
    given you access to the video and also how it works: You can improve it,
    and submit your movie there.

  14. SpriteDuel says:

    Hmm… the credits actually took longer than the game.

  15. monkybros says:

    @GregTheLion The last is a duplicate of Scyther.

  16. neurogabu says:

    So essentially obtaining Chikorita fucks up your file.

  17. Anthony22334455 says:

    Aw crap… No credits… xC I should watch my GameBoy before I type

  18. blahperson15 says:

    wow amazing

  19. Buraindo says:

    that’s a lie… if you click no then it literally stops

  20. Finja29 says:

    1 error. YOU WIN!

  21. CeXexXxAssassin says:

    how do you do this i cant do it it wont work! :T

  22. OtakuStation92 says:

    Goodbye my childhood..

  23. bosszero says:

    who need pokemons uh? xD

  24. artman40 says:

    If that’s not being the very best like no one ever was then nothing is.

  25. gia says:

    I tell the game I should be winning right now and the game complies

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