TapTap | Know Your History: How Haiti kicks Ass

A quick lesson about the world’s 1st success black revolt courtesy of Crash Course World History #30. Credit: Crash Course Damn, what else we got at TapTap Culture!™ ? peep! http://goo.gl/6jOu…

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23 Responses

  1. Karl Benoit says:

    Always feel haitian pride when I watch this video. 

  2. hiken sonny says:

    what Haiti would have been if it wasn’t for foreign power. they did
    destroyed us slowly, and that why we are where we are. Anyway, nice video
    man i like it .

  3. Amy Gwinn Faustini says:

    I love the video, but the narrative is too fast paced for high school and
    college students to fully comprehend.

  4. maxe baiseur says:

    Thank you very much for this video man.

  5. lorakina pierre says:

    The bible say : the first will be the last and the last will be the first.
    Remember that god know and see everything so let him work for us. Be proud
    y all!!

  6. lorakina pierre says:

    I love this video man! Y all should be proud we may not be rich but we have
    what s matter maybe this is the way god wanted it to be so let it be y all.
    At the end no country will matter but your faith. 

  7. Playto Sanon says:
  8. Move Maker says:

    your so dim. lol

  9. Toussaint Powr says:

    You people try so hard to steal our History, you act like we are invisible
    or ghosts or something and even when you do speak of our accomplishment,
    you give all the credits to your own dogs. I HHAAAACCCKKKKK TUFFFFF (spit)
    on your video!

  10. WomanlyWise1 says:

    Wow!!! At times ‘freedom of speech’ is a disservice to the fragile minds of
    the ignorant. And the arrogant a detriment to the Very core of the
    institution of public access and education.

  11. nana says:

    ou se youn moun ki sot. mete sa nan kalbas tet ou, blan an pap jan ede ou.
    li la pou li detrui, pou li vole, pou li tue. se ayisyan ki panse tankou ou
    ki fini detwui peyi a. yo toujou panse blan an pral vin ranje peyi a pou
    li. al chache eduke tet ou avan ou pale. ou pawe yo fin vole tout sa nou

  12. nana says:

    oh my God you are so ignorant! Americans where never there to built Haiti,
    they were there to destroyed her and still all the gold and money. Remember
    that they are thieves

  13. TapTap Culture! says:

    Hey CreoleCrownCouncil, Thanks for watching and showing an interest for
    discussion. After reviewing this video again, we failed to see where he
    discredits our Haitian people or our revolution. Actually he seem to have a
    profound respect for our history, quoting: “..Haitian revolution matter,
    they matter because Haitians more than any other people in the age of
    revolutions they stood up to the idea that none should be slaves..”

  14. Tyler Zimmerman says:

    You talk way to fast.

  15. TapTap Culture! says:

    “Haiti stood up for the weak when the rest of the world failed to, the
    next time you read about Haiti’s poverty – remember that.” Although just a
    short crash course, he touches many great points and gives credit to our
    people multiple times. Again, thanks for taking the time to shoot us a
    comment. we would love to hear more of your opinions, check out the
    channel! Favorite, Share, and subscribe for the latest in Music, News,
    Entertainment and Haitian Based content!

  16. TheMegazapcat says:

    You toss salad.

  17. Aloha says:


  18. Uchihas in sxm says:

    nice good job for a americian u know a lot

  19. TheMegazapcat says:

    Somalia, Rwanda, Uganda…?

  20. Corey Weaver says:

    This guy is funny.

  21. nana says:

    you c’ant read do your research

  22. Aloha says:

    poukisa st domingue pa gen problem sa yo? paske sa pat jenen pou yo te gen
    blan kap commande yo,haitien yo rayi mulat epi yo pa gen kapacite pou
    dirije peyi ya se sak fe kounye ya peyi yan tounin on vye ti provins
    africain nouvle ret deyer paske nou pa vle blan ede nou,min nou paka we ke
    se yo ki ka fe on bagay pou nou?

  23. TheMegazapcat says:

    whites left becuse of to many niggers thats why americans built Haiti then
    they distoryed it same thing happand in the 90s when amercans try to teach
    black how to build a be a nation the the black distoryed it

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