Tamron 150-600 f/5-f/6.3 Review: The ultimate wildlife lens for $1,000?

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25 Responses

  1. Tony Northrup says:

    +Alessio Minelli Yes, the videos are in the paperback and ebook both.

  2. Craig Brown says:

    Tony I almost did not buy this lens based on your review . This lens is
    very sharp at 400, 500, and 600 mm on my D800 at half the shutter of the
    focal length . And the tracking was fast and accurate . I think you must
    have received a bad copy . This lens is fantastic and excellent value .
    Much more versatile and a better buy than the canon 400 mm prime . 

  3. Rob The Plumber says:

    Oo nice lens. How is it for macro shots? :O

  4. Tony Northrup says:

    Chelsea & I review the Tamron 150-600 review and share wildlife photography

  5. Joel Aparicio says:

    +Tony Northrup I know that this is an older video, but now that you guys
    have a D810 have you noticed it better for croping then having a little bit
    longer lens. Like having a 400mm and cropped D810 image vs. a D610 with a
    600mm. Another words would you put the money into the body or the lens for

  6. Xetenor says:

    Great review! Hard to not be mesmerized by Chelsea’s eyes.

  7. Rizwan Ul Haq says:

    Hi Tony, for a nikon D610, would you recommend this lens for a telephoto
    work? or perhaps the 80-400mm?

  8. GamerTierCasts says:

    Im using a Canon 7D MKII and i’m not sure, wich lense i should buy for
    wildlife. I dont want to spend more than 2000 $ and i will shoot birds,
    eagles, ibex, wolfs,… Maybe some sports. (Soccer,…)
    Wich lense do you recommend? 

  9. NIS says:

    Which lens is suitable for high altitude cruising planes( 40000ft cruising
    planes) ?. 

  10. Pradeep Joshi says:

    Great watching your videos…i have canon 550D using lenses 55-250 want
    to extend…stucked between canon 100-400 II tamron 150-600 and sigma
    150-600……………….will extra 200 mm will make lot of difference
    ..if i buy canon 100-400 …dont want to loose 200 mm as price for sigma
    150-600 and canon 100-400 II are bit close ..

  11. Gustav Ludewig says:

    Hello Tony,
    it also can be interesting how good the favorite wide used Canon 100-400 L
    4.5-5.6 Zoom lens with USM IS performs on 400mm vs the 400mm 5.6 prime in
    those situations. Is the 400mm prime the last 5% or is there a significant
    difference between the two lenses?
    A comparison Canon 100-400 with Tamron 100-600 could be interesting too 🙂

    I will stay tuned on your canal.



  12. Sherri Rohmann says:

    What are your views on sigma 50-500mm

  13. Christopher Collinsworth says:

    would this work good taking pictures of high altitude airliners?

  14. Michael Brady says:

    Is the Tarmon really sharper than the New Nikon 80-400m AF-S ??

  15. Jeff Holliman says:

    Great Review Tony! I am an Amateur and have a Canon 60D, in your opinion,
    when selecting a lens for say wildlife photography, does the camera body
    affect the performance of the lens? I am really leaning towards the 400
    prime, but am wondering if I would be better off with another lens due to
    my camera body ( if that makes sense! )?

  16. Hubieee says:

    “Avoid hunters, because they will shoot at anything that moves”… oO

  17. Garrett Dylan says:

    Can you do a comparison of the Sigma 150-500mm, the Sigma 150-600mm, and
    the Tamron 150-600mm? I’m looking into buying a telephoto zoom lens for
    bird and wildlife photography that I will use for many years to come. 

  18. DragonsREpic says:

    god damn that lens is huge…

  19. einsteindrieu says:

    Great video , love the information . You guys are fun to watch !

  20. Amit pal says:

    Tony hows the focusing of 150-600 in a low end body like 600D… 

  21. bigokie50 says:

    Did you notice a sharpness difference between the aps-c and full frame

  22. Tom R. Mehlum says:

    How is the Canon 400 mm f/5.6 compared to Canon EF 100-400mm F4.5-5.6L IS
    USM? Not that far away from each other in price.

  23. Floris Bijlsma says:

    Hello Tony, I love your videos and I’ve learned a lot from it. Do you think
    a 70d and a 400 5.6 will be a good combination for wildlife photography?
    Thank you 

  24. David Ziegelheim says:

    Have you tried this lens on a Nikon D7100? The D7100 doesn’t have the low
    pass filter and from images online seems to handle this lens at 600mm
    better than the Canon APS-C cameras. Have you tried the combo?

  25. Ryuuken24 says:

    Sigma 150-600mm is the sharpest at the 600mm end, beating the canon prime
    400mm. The price though, that’s a 50/50.

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