Talent vs Training

Which is more important – genetics or hard work? DAILY EPISODES, answering your burning questions. Watch 5 episodes before anybody else: http://bit.ly/1n5llRo Use the hashtag #ScienceSays…
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  1. AsapSCIENCE says:

    NEW VIDEO: Talent vs Training.

    When it comes to being great at something, which matters more –
    relentlessly training your whole life, or the genes you are born with? Find
    out here:


  2. Szymon Wodkiewicz says:

    I have no talent ;(
    I wish I had a talent. :(

  3. Malcom Fox says:

    Guess that explains Vegeta huh?

  4. TeenageMillionaire says:

    *I was born as average as anyone can get*. *That is why I get up 6AM every
    morning & hit the bed at 11PM to work on my goals*. *Sometimes I even skip
    sleep*. *Because I know that I have to work twice as hard than those born
    lucky with a* “*Talent*”. *It’s unfair but I wont complain*, *because the
    fulfillment I get from my hard work is the best feeling in the world*.

  5. I Control My Fate says:

    Naruto talks about this. Its like Sasuke and Neji, those who have natural
    talent and excel easily, and Naruto and Rock Lee, who work incredibly hard
    to obtain their skills.

    God I am a nerd.

  6. No0bT4rD says:

    I’m one of those who gets super results from training. I weigh 84kg at
    183cm, with little bodyfat and pretty large muscles. People always ask me
    if I work out, but no, I just play videogames and eat junk food. I do have
    other shortcomings though. Depression runs in the family on both sides, and
    I’m slightly colorblind. So, despite great genes, my perception of the
    world isn’t the best. I’d rather be a fat, dumb, ugly, poor, happy man than
    the man I am today. Maybe one day I will be content. I just gotta find a
    way to get there.

  7. BeUAndNoOneElse says:

    Uhhrgg… My genetics are awful … Too bad guess i just gatta work harder

  8. Donald King says:

    LOL, its amazing to see how science has become the new god-figurehead of
    social order. Its now the thunderous, booming and incontestable voice of
    obviousness, which people blindly submit to and/or refuse to think beyond
    or in spite of – literally, no different than theism, in the sense that it
    attempts to sell audiences on its accomplishments, while downplaying its
    failures; and/but beyond that, do so by implicitly urging parishioners to
    shame others for not yielding to its presumed authority.

    My question is, what are people who think beyond science and academia
    supposed to do if they recognize systemic errors in the overall methodology
    in the social approach to thinking/reasoning/organization? Just shut up and
    go along with what everyone believes to be true and relevant, until
    everyone else becomes smart enough to think past or in spite of the things
    and methodologies they’ve learned? Funny… That’s not how innovation or
    advancement works on any level. Never has, never will.

    The craziest part about writing this comment (to me) is knowing beforehand
    that people’s limitations and domestication will only allow them to
    perceive me as being ignorant, arrogant, delusional, combative or whatever
    stupid label they can conjure in order to “make sense of what I’ve written,
    and why I must be wrong and they have to be right”. Ultimately, they’ll
    work to marginalize my position without actually considering or confronting
    the issue of the matter I’ve presented.

    Swopping one religion for another, without even knowing it… Brilliant.

  9. RidgeMiner says:

    I don’t study much for school and get pretty much get A’s.

  10. Alex Bates says:


  11. Adan Wakeem says:

    What about singing??

  12. John M. says:

    fuck this vid – PERSEVERANCE ALL THE WAY! #RockLee 

  13. Mathias Ullehus says:

    I’m gonna train my genes to be great at gamin! that way I can hopefully
    someday see my grandson/daugther enter the world finals in whatever game is
    popular in that time!

  14. francine zee says:

    Hah, no wonder why i’m a good singer, lok cuz my mom is a good singer, her
    genes must’ve passed on to me. 

  15. MrLangam says:

    This is so freakishly true. I train my ass off almost everyday and there
    are people out there who has naturally big bones and muscle who do not even
    work out.

  16. John Stoner says:

    Thank god, I hate all these motivational speakers who try to tell us that
    we can do anything we want to with hard work. To truly excel at something,
    you must have SOME sort of natural talent for it.

  17. SandslashFTW says:

    my dad and grandpa played hockey my dad made it to highschool hockey and
    collage soccer i am naturly gifted at soccer so can i be as good at hockey
    as i want to be?

  18. TheJono1170 says:

    How do we get our kids talented or trainable?

  19. Public Enemy Number One says:

    Ya just made mw give up on gym, im an ectomorph and now i will never reach
    a body like a mesomorph can.

  20. Turtle_TwisT™ says:

    In men its all about testosterone. Visit a doc and test your T – levels, if
    its low get Testosterone treatment. If its high go train and you will
    become a rock.

  21. Kianypour says:

    Those “Scientific studies” are not completely valid
    They took a bunch of people and started making them exercise and get into
    They assumed the people who made a lot of progress were talented and vice
    versa are not talented
    What they did not take into consideration is how motivated the individuals
    were how much deliberate practice they put into: If they could do one more
    push-up did they do it or not?
    They didn’t even seem to consider the daily lives of these people, were
    they sitting on there asses the whole day after or were they taking the bus
    and the stairs etc
    Look at people like Bruce Lee, That guy put in like 5 6 hours 6 days a week
    for 20 years and became incredible
    How was he talented
    But anyways, my rant is finished, I just hate to see people give up before
    even starting because of this “talent” bullshit :(

  22. HappyGhoul says:

    Why do we wake up when we dream of falling?

  23. Nathalia Escalona says:

    Your videos are so addictive… I can’t stop watching them…

  24. Shayne Faignant says:

    I don’t understand. What if no family member trained or was naturally
    talented, but you are ? Please tell me the answer! If you can’t or there’s
    no answer that’s okay.

  25. Victor Agata says:

    Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

    Having a 50% boost doesn’t help when someone else’s 50% is higher than your
    100%, remember not to get discouraged by “science”, people!

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