Taking Gross to a Whole New Level for Airplay (3/17/1997)

Mammary Lane this week was a home run at least as far as I’m concerned. And here is a segment that made me laugh my ass off yesterday. Before Buddha Thai and Gloritone got buried in shnot and…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Mike Z says:

    @coolglassesyo Yeah, I cringed a few times listening to it. But if you can
    get by it, you’ll find one of the funniest clips ever. I guess Howard and
    Jackie getting sick over what goes on is what makes it all so funny.

  2. mapleleafs45 says:

    This stunt would have worked out for the band a lot better nowadays with
    the internet and youtube, etc.

  3. ddgasm says:

    The original fear factor.

  4. kdemon17 says:


  5. 1981BTHM says:

    Wow that band sucks.

  6. 1981BTHM says:

    The second band was ok.

  7. coolglassesyo says:

    Oh, this is vile. omfg lol

  8. katkal3 says:

    it’s a good thing he ate that booger, otherwise the band would still be

  9. Mike Z says:

    @katkal3 Which band?

  10. gymjone says:

    omg,this was so fucking gross

  11. Mike Z says:

    @katkal3 Here here. I’d sooner believe Internal Neurotic Universe made it,
    because at least they have a better sound, and bigger balls at the stunt
    they did. Dynamo Hum sounds like a Beatles rip-off band.

  12. katkal3 says:

    @MarvelComics1985 dynamo hum, obviously im joking because they went nowhere
    and he still swallowed that booger

  13. HermitGenius says:


  14. 1981BTHM says:

    “Viscosity” nice usage o.0

  15. willieboynation says:

    I actually like the chorus

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