Super fast bike could revolutionize transportation

STORY: It’s certainly a head-turner. Whizzing around the streets of Berlin – this is the “ErockIT”. Half-bicycle, half-motorbike, Stefan Gulas has been working on his invention for the past…
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  1. Dan Sanger says:

    For those who don’t know, electric assist bicycles have been around for
    many years, long before this guy built his vehicle. But his is not a
    bicycle. It’s an electric motorcycle, because of its speed, power, and
    heavy construction. The pedals are really just for show. It takes a lot
    of power to overcome wind resistance at that speed, and the amount he is
    contributing with his pedaling is insignificant. It’s really just an
    electric motorcycle with an unconventional throttle control. On electric
    bicycles, the rider’s pedaling actually does provide the primary
    contribution to the propulsion, or at least a significant contribution.

  2. swordsman3000 says:

    $40,000 ???
    ‘successful people’ ???

    this guy needs to be smacked

    successful people know better than to spend 40k on something that still
    requires you to do part of the work

    what’s the cost to manufacture?..$1000?…maybe?

    fuck this guy

  3. Louie Smith says:

    Why would anyone think people would like to use peddling as a throttle?
    There’s a reason walking powered cars are only in cartoons. 

  4. wordreet says:

    Ridiculously over priced.
    And it’s not a bicycle, because it’s sufficiently powerful to require a
    licence for use on public roads.

  5. ednuttah says:

    Best technologies come out of Germany and Japan, reason? They sit down and
    think about thing instead of argue about things. 

  6. Yossi Allen says:

    What a load of bull. Why should we be interested in cutting carbon
    emissions at such a price? It’s only of interest if it were for the masses.
    This is just another Kraut out there to bolster his bank account.

  7. markle lemon says:

    what a douchebag if he priced that bike for like 5k it could change the
    world, no one is gunna pay 45k for that…. ppl will just buy a moped for a
    few thousand

  8. Chris Moudy says:

    Prototypes are not cheap !

  9. alessandra yokoyama says:

    Super fast bike!!! Niiiiiiceeee!! :)

  10. NotIrishRider says:

    44.000 dollars bro u mad ? thats 2/3 of the money for a dodge charger

  11. ddavel5441 says:

    Cleaver idea. but the $44 G’s is a deal breaker. If he was really smart
    he’d open a mass production factory, and sell em for $300 a piece. In a
    month, he’d sell 500 easily, and profit a nice $150 grand!

  12. universalsailor says:

    What about the one-legged men? Nobody ever thinks about the one-legged men,

  13. George Modilevsky says:

    Super fast bike could revolutionize transportation:

  14. Dorean Gibbs says:

    Super fast bike could revolutionize transportation: now thats WICKED dam I want one 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)

  15. Al GESBREK says:

    You must have ment 3000.oo ,because 300.oo barly buys a peddle bike at

  16. Joel Brothers says:

    Great idea, but it won’t be practical unless they can get the cost down to
    around $1500.00 US. The average person won’t pay any more than that for
    something that has pedals.

  17. Sheng Xiong says:

    I have the same motor bicycle in my garage. Bought it for 100$ but you guys
    can pay me 44,000$ or 33,000 euros for it. I have to pedal to make it run,
    and it reaches 50 mph too….

  18. beyondthetech says:

    This video was uploaded nearly 6 years ago. Surely the price could’ve
    dropped or the technology could have improved significantly by now. Where
    is it?

  19. sugarpuffextreme says:

    or, remove the pedals and use handthrottle. 1/10:th of the price and better
    design. retards

  20. Douglas N says:

    Super cool idea but man, definitely hurts the pocket

  21. andy765gtr says:

    how does this extravagant car bike thing revolutionize transportation. the
    trivial pedal power from a human being would provide nothing significant in
    this speed envelope and weight. so basically it still uses near 100% fossil
    fuels to power it. and yes, that is still true even if that electricity
    comes from nominally green sources like windfarm, nuclear, solar or any
    other of our delusional techno energy saviors. this is because all of them
    are 100% subsidized by oil. take this colossal stored battery of energy
    away and none of them can continue to work because of basic physics, ie
    entropy. and more importantly, because they are net energy losers in the
    first place if all energy in their creation is considered. this is true.
    there is no solution to the energy ‘problem’ because its not a problem. its
    a predicament.

    the best post collapse /climate change avoidance solution (if thats still
    possible) to still having relatively fast transport after that ridiculously
    wasteful and damaging extravagance, the private car is banned or becomes
    otherwise impossible to justify, is the good old pushbike (and thats
    debatable as its still a complex industrial product). but it would be wise
    to ask ourselves if traveling over about 5 miles from home was ever really
    a necessity or reasonable thing for humans to do. or was it just a
    assumption that grew out of the fossil fuel era, when we discovered that a
    single barrel of oil contained the equivalent energy of a whole lifetimes
    work of a superfit man! but that world is going to go away, forever.

  22. zeogiannes says:

    Ridiculous and excessively expensive price for a great concept vehicle
    which will ultimately go nowhere. Should cost around $6,000.00 to be
    practical and saleable in mass quantities.

  23. harpguy1 says:

    Way too overpriced ,,, greedy bastard

  24. TheTeampontiac79 says:

    I can not conceive a build cost that could possibly warrant a $44,000 price
    tag. It’s also hard to understand how energy can go from motion to
    electricity and back to motion with a net gain in output power. There’s
    something we aren’t being told, or this may be another miracle device that
    defies our currently known laws of physics.

  25. Lou Garou says:

    Another useless build, only available to those with deep pockets. I’ll get
    excited when someone can build something that is accessible to the masses.
    Why does this even make the news?

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