Super car driver idiots [NO pics, only videos]

Super car driver idiots [NO pics, only videos]

I got bored with all the “super car crashes”-videos here on YouTube that only contained PICTURES, CRAPPY MUSIC or/and clips of pure racing cars on official racing events. This compilation…
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24 Responses

  1. Colossus Rhodes says:

    corvettes and dodge vipers are not supercars. they are the common mans
    super car and they are over priced pieces of shit. 

  2. Griffin Mackenzie says:

    the real idiot is the one who thought the buggati veyron was a lamborghini

  3. TheRoomy says:

    Corvette guy AND his friend are some of the biggest idiots. That moron
    with the camera actually walked in front of a car in 1st gear blasting on
    the acceleration. I didn’t know people could be that stupid. Except his
    buddy destroying the car trying to skid was even worse. 

  4. T Sandman says:

    That corvette one was cringe worthy. Fuck… hard to watch. 

  5. JC Pringle says:

    Aside from all the people who just don’t know how, it doesn’t make a lot of
    sense to buy these cars. I love these machines, and I get the allure, but
    there’s not a lot of places to take advantage of all that performance. You
    might get some use out of the brakes when you’re trying to save your ass!
    For the same money, you could get yourself a track ready car, and get your
    speed fix that way.

  6. Joker says:

    The Bugatti Veyron: “The Land Whale”

  7. JVIPER88 says:

    Any of these expensive sports cars being driven on a public road is an
    indicator that you’re a complete dipshit. Worst of all are the Mustang
    drivers. They think and behave like they’re driving a sports car when it’s
    basically just a souped up Ford Taurus.

  8. UTP says:

    “Im pretty sure thats a lambo”

  9. TearsInRain says:

    at 0:45, I love how they just sit there and let him burn up his clutch!

  10. Simo Kulmala says:
  11. John Nicodemus says:

    “Pretty sure it’s a Lambo dude” “That will be mine one day” and he doesn’t
    know a Lambo from a Bugatti and it will be his one day? I hope not, he
    would be one of the morons in the video is short order.
    I hope this U-Boat Captain took out flood insurance on his million dollar
    toy. You gotta love it when these pretentious pricks with no skill trash
    their big buck toys. Invest in driver training BEFORE you try to be Mario
    Andretti, fools. The training is a hell of a lot cheaper than the car.

  12. captain pancho says:

    DID I POP THE TIRES????? What a dumbass

  13. Vriska Serket says:

    Regardless of whether they’re done right or wrong, burnouts are pretty
    stupid and unimpressive…

  14. CyberLeaf says:

    How is that pick up truck a super car? what´s next, a volvo 240? 

  15. trevor manns says:

    God i love watching stupid people fuck up really expensive stuff :p

  16. lighthammer1976 says:

    I love it when the people who are STANDING there recording the people who
    OWN these cars, laugh at them them because they stalled it or spun
    out……that’s why you’re standing there laughing like a fool while the
    person who probably worked his/her ass off to buy that car

  17. John Clark says:

    Im confused. Is putting the car on drive or first gear different on these
    cars? I dont understand how they arent moving.

  18. the tomanator says:

    “I think that’s a lambo” thats pretty sad 

  19. Emrecan Taneri says:

    I cant stand drivers who have no idea how to drive out of a tunnel..

  20. tyrell wilson says:

    motorcycle is best
    I love motorcycle
    motorcycle is eazy to drive
    I hate cars
    car is hard to drive and dangerous
    car most expensive
    car vary hard into gear
    car is hard to start driving


  21. Cameron Brisco says:

    The Corvette, Viper, and SRT10 are not supercars.

  22. UnbeatableLemon says:

    also… the diablo owner is such a classic lamborghini owner… the money
    doesnt come with the skills…. he speeds up going into the turn, and gets
    it sideways. i bet NONE of the other lamborghini drivers behind him knew
    that was the case either…

  23. Terry Turds says:

    The anus in the Corvette must be braindead

  24. Abhishek shah says:

    The veyron was purposefully driven into the water by the owner. He had a 2
    million dollar insurance to it and after examination of the video footage
    the insurance company sued him instead for the false accident. 

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