Street fighter tests Russian Martial Art Systema

New video here: Clip taken in Moscow in April 2013. This clips starts AFTER almost 2 minutes of hard striking by the same guy. Him and his friend wanted to see…

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25 Responses

  1. SystemaMiami says:

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Dear YouTube users visiting this channel and in
    particular this video: please express your opinions and comments with
    RESPECT or you will be forever banned from this channel. If you have any
    kind of doubt or question or skepticism regarding what you see in the
    video, and if you have genuine interest in the topic, please contact a
    local certified Systema instructor or school and inquire with them. They
    will probably extend a friendly invitation to a class. Our doors are open.

  2. GdarkWoW says:

    This is Scientology of Martial arts hahahahahahahahaha

  3. Muro Ceto says:

    I’m really interested in how did they take this punches without any
    “visible” pain. Is it because of the breathing technique they use (would
    appreciate it, if somebody can translate me, how this function and how
    could I breathe perfectly like these people) or is it because of the fat
    they have, I don’t think every fat person can take so much pain because of
    the fat, I think is because of the structure, how they develop the fat
    (making it harder with punches). Can somebody who is more thin or with a
    trained Sixpack reach this level of taking pain without falling down etc. I
    hope I could express my questions understandable and sorry because calling
    them “fat” but I don’t know any better word. No hate and greetings from
    Germany to everybody :)

  4. Mark Hunt says:

    One one thing….. Where is Joe rogan I need his speculation on this shit 

  5. WHYNOTMEB4U says:

    Basically have a big fat gut and absorb punches?? How about taking punches
    to the face ? do a demonstration on that.

  6. Tekhot Juntao says:

    hahaha what a fucking bullshit video. What do you learn from this ? Don’t
    hit fat people in the belly, hit them in their jaw!

  7. asdfghyter says:

    Why are all Systema Masters fat? Is it needed because the fat is absorbing
    the punches? Or are they fat because they do not need to move in their

  8. Scott Ballard says:

    Is everyone holding canes so the fat fuck who has 3 years to live and knees
    that cant hold his frame doesn’t feel self conscious?

  9. BigNastyreborn says:

    people say americans are fat, but these guys look pretty fat.

  10. Berserk Gladiator says:

    with all respect systema is not true russian martial arts only one is sambo
    this stuff does not work sambo does work

  11. Ikksz 01 says:

    These guys should have gave him tips how to loose weight 

  12. Tom Umland says:

    What are the sticks for?

  13. mickey jameson says:

    they don’t have shit to do in russia do they

  14. Townsed Carl says:

    Na tomhle není zvláštího vůbec nic je to jen obyčejný úder na trojůhelník
    což je stovky let známá věc.Žádná Systema si tento úder nemůže přivlastnit
    jako vlastní vynález.Už jako kluci jsme se prali a každý věděl že když
    protivníka trefíme na trojůhelník tak se skácí jako pytel brambor.

  15. Marcus Larsson says:

    One of them looks like the Russian from The Sopranos, called Vitali

  16. Sergi O says:

    I don’t understand how can anyone be an instructor of any kind of sport and
    be that fat. 

  17. Filipe Gonçalves says:

    Obelix is that you?

  18. wayne philip says:

    Russians are crazy so there is no way id want to fight one of them lol oh i
    mean crazy in a nice way an not a bad way

  19. Timefliesbye says:

    The only martial arts where a beer belly is called a good defence.

  20. Blimpsey Turnip says:

    Lmao why all these niggas look like they straight out a fairy tale

  21. Octavio Araujo says:

    I hope you people are aware that training for combat fighting is different
    from MMA. I don’t take away anything from a MMA fighter but going one on
    one in the ring is a totally different from fighting in the battlefield
    which has no ref or rules. In a street fight you can be guaranteed that
    your opponent friend will jump in if his friend is getting his ass whipped
    by you.

  22. Anthrolithos says:

    Why did the subtitles kick in 3/4 of the way into the video?? I would’ve
    liked to know what they were saying from the beginning… :(

  23. Mickey Bauer says:

    What a selection of characters =)

  24. LastOfTheMaguas says:

    i happened to be in Moscow during this, i’d just had a cappucino near Red
    Square and was walking by this Dojo.
    I walked in, i said ”does anoyone here speaky english?”
    They realized i was American and they invited me to hit the guys. I
    knocked all 4 of them out with 1 punch each .
    Now when you visit this fight school you see that the stars and stripes
    are always displayed from a flag pole in the center of the room. 

  25. Pipiras Pipirenas says:

    WTF did i just watch

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