Stossel: What Is Libertarian Foreign Policy?

A panel of libertarians, including Cato’s Jeffrey Miron and David Boaz, discuss libertarian views of foreign policy. What is the proper role of the military? Why does the United States…
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  1. Alan Hancock says:

    What an idiot. Europe isn’t peaceful because the US are stationed there.
    Europe is peaceful because after world war two the continent, including
    Britain was virtually destroyed and nobody had any money and the feeling
    was that maybe, just maybe it was a good idea to stop fucking each other
    up. I think after hundreds of years of colonial conquest by Britain, Spain,
    France, the Netherlands, Russia and others, people got pretty fucked off
    with having to rebuild their house every twenty years. 

  2. FeebleCrush says:

    Libertarians need to unite on the issue of Israel, That zionist state
    deserves strong condemnation and zero support.

  3. XCritonX says:

    The troops in Portugal are very welcome. It is also in the best interests
    of Americans. They are stationed in the Azores navel and air base, where
    they pay rent for the space. That base is the key to controlling the
    Atlantic. It is also cost effective with only a hand full of troops
    maintaining the infrastructure. On the other hand, why oh why is the US
    still in Germany? However, if Iran is going to nuke France, well… I still
    don’t see a down side for the US. No more fois gras maybe?

  4. juanmisimo says:

    @Truthpolice9698 I hope you were being sarcastic

  5. ZIRCHxWORLD says:

    @return135 that is sort of contradictory…

  6. Lyov Nikolayevitch says:

    @gothnate The COnstitution is superceded by treaty law…Nafta is
    unconstitutional and it is law becaue it is treaty law..the treaties with
    the Indian nations is treaty law…In fact the constitution works against
    the people and if not for the bill of rights then we would not have the
    relative freedom we have now…I agree with you but you are whould be that way and I wish it were, but treaties that
    the people do not vote for can and mostly do supercede our own prescious

  7. kiminokami says:

    @ltlblugrl That might not be a Libertarian position, but it is a
    libertarian position.

  8. nphanlon1973 says:

    I love theories and ideological values from people who have never been to a
    third world country under a tyrannical dictatorship.For evil to triumph,all
    that is necessary is for good men to do nothing.America tried isolation for
    20 years before ww2 and that was a disaster..400,000 dead.If they had a
    credible deterent on the european continent then ww2 would have not
    occurred.And who are you to say that the lives of your friends and allies
    are not worth protecting???

  9. Th3Wab3 says:

    @Truthpolice9698 i don’t support imbeciles occupying seats in congress or
    wore the presidential seat… as for IQ, i think science and study is
    proving that is not a justifiable measure of ability or potential…

  10. Mateusz Przewloka says:

    What you just wrote is insulting to Harry Browne’s memory.

  11. ich1banGT1 says:

    @GGLebo23 Merely, slandering an opponents thought tactics doesn’t win you
    the debate. All you have done is demonstrate your arrogance by resorting to
    name calling tactics often deployed by those of lower intelligence.

  12. Caterpillar Diplomacy says:

    @ltlblugrl Who made you the arbiter of what a libertarian viewpoint is?
    There are different kinds of libertarians

  13. Th3Wab3 says:

    @byteusa how is it too late last i checked iran wasn’t in Canada or Mexico
    or relitively close… the USA has a navy, airforce and combined military
    that could mobilize and intercept any attacks from iran… no military can
    compare… dropping bombs isn’t like throwing stones…

  14. Haruko Haruhara says:

    wendy is awesome imo

  15. Opacid Krash says:

    @fractalbuddha I think it’s almost hilarious to always classify things as
    “corporate interests” even when Libertarians are talking. They don’t look
    at corporate interests, they look at the peoples interest. Everyone and
    every company is going bankrupt because we are involved in international
    BS. Internationalism is a huge problem for us.

  16. Cold Highway says:

    Its not the job of the American tax payer to defend Europe, Africa, the
    Middle East or Latin America.

  17. gothnate says:

    @doobersmanster We have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the earth. I
    think if we got hit by one ourselves, we’d already have a slew of missiles
    launched. We can defend ourselves. Secondly, The Constitution of the United
    States of America is the SUPREME law of the land in this country. Nothing
    supersedes it. Not the U.N. or their “sanctions”, N.A.T.O., foreign
    treaties, nothing.

  18. AzuAtoms says:

    Tsk tsk Deroy. Just like Milton Friedman. I agree with him on so many
    things, just not their neo-con foreign policy.

  19. AroundSun says:

    They need Ron Paul up there, he usually sums it up.

  20. libertarianjury says:

    Deroy is on the libertarian spectrum, but not as consistent as say, Harry

  21. LucisFerre1 says:

    [[He thinks we in Europe are barbarians and we need “control rods” to keep
    us in our place? ]] You just go ahead pretending that WWI & WWII didn’t

  22. LibertaerUeberAlles says:

    @nphanlon1973 If you want to read how FDR deceived America into entering
    WW2 on behalf of the pro-Marxist banking cabal which elevated him to the
    presidency, then google: “Franklin Roosevelt’s ‘Secret Map’ speech” True
    patriots such as Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh and Joseph Kennedy favored
    non-interventionism and good relations with Germany.

  23. byteusa says:

    @Th3Wab3 But if we allowed them to acquire enough nukes to destroy the
    world, it would be too late. No stopping it. That’s the problem with nukes,
    you can’t stop them.

  24. gothnate says:

    @doobersmanster What I’m saying is, any document that makes legislation, be
    it treaties, trade agreements, or even laws; if they don’t follow our
    Constitution, they are invalid. In order for them to be constitutional,
    there must be an amendment made to the Constitution that supports the other
    document. I’m not sure how you think the Constitution works against the
    people, but the Bill of Rights is part of the Constitution and puts in
    writing the liberties the government isn’t allowed to dismiss.

  25. LucisFerre1 says:

    I’m a libertarian and an Objectivist, and there are common libertarian
    arguments that I fine purile. One is that property rights are justifiable
    via the homesteading tradition. That’s not an argument, that’s a fallacy in
    reasoning. The other is the sociopathic view of if it doesn’t affect me
    directly then go ahead and rape, murder and pillage our neighbors. ‘Sucks
    to be them. That’s no different than Charles Manson watching a piano fall
    on a person and shrugging his shoulders.

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