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25 Responses

  1. Benjamin Colin says:

    Bodybuilding isn’t a sport anymore! It’s a freak show!

  2. Schoenengutentag .fresse says:

    The problem is not steroid use, it is how much, what and how long you take
    it. I am 40 now, 250 lbs at 6’2” and I did my first cycle in 1996. I am
    still healthy, no enlarged heart, liver & kidney are healthy, no tumors.
    But except for one time in my younger days where I experimented with
    myself, I never took Gram-dosages. I only tried HGH two times, and found
    out it’s not worth the money. Never took Insulin, because it is just
    retarded. I always took long times off. My No1 steroid is plain
    Testosteron, because this is the easiest in your body. I hate shit like
    Clenbuterol because it makes you feel sick. Of course I never used
    diuretics. One of the problem are today’s bodybuilding contests. Why do
    people want to walk around with 300 lbs? I once was about 280, it was
    uncomfortable, I was rigid, sweated all day, had muscle cramps, didn’t even
    fit in an XXL T-Shirt. I hated it. What’s great about that? Bring back the
    70ies mentality, go for aesthetics instead of mass and dryness. Disqualify
    anyone with an extended gut. Test their water balance. Only let guys
    compete that are healthy. You mention all those bodybuilders that died
    early or are sick now in their mid age. What about Arnold, Ferrigno, Zane,
    all the greats from the golden era? Sergio Oliva died age 71.

  3. Stig Lauren says:

    Mike Matarazzo is dead as well, he died last month. He died of heart
    failure caused by years of steroid abuse.

  4. Daniel Sullivan says:

    I know some young guys who use steroids and gain mass without consequence
    yet, but then i know older guy who used to compete in bodybuilding who
    heavily used many diff steroids, like walking pharmacy, he had to get gyno
    surgery, is now on prescription TRT and thyroid meds, is depressed, etc.
    Yes with muscle memory he can quickly get his old body back but his joints
    are all injured from heavy lifting. Lui is right

  5. Spirit Splice says:

    Bodybuilding needs to return to the 1970s era look. This will increase the
    health of the bodybuilders, reduce the costs and they will actually look
    good again. These monsters look like shit.

  6. Earl The Llama [GAMING] says:

    YOU look like you use steroids to.

  7. Danblukk says:

    So if someone took steroids in normal doses, safely, didn’t abuse it to
    bulk up, are they still seriously risking their health?

  8. RPG 808 says:

    i have had many friends die secondary to steroid abuse. i fully support
    luimarco in his vids. I just want to hit on a subject that is rarely
    thought about and that is the use of opioids prescribed by M.D.’s when
    steroid users become injured. In some, not all steroid users, there is a
    chance that it will cause aggression and agitation. Those that become hyper
    aggressive or “can’t hold there shit” will suffer tremendously post injury.
    the pain that comes with injury is initially treated with vicodin. opioids
    are known to drastically cut testosterone levels in the long run. Once you
    become addicted to vicodin, which is typical, you will have to withdrawal.
    This is difficult to overcome in the average person let alone a steroid
    user. If you are a hrt user or a steroid abuser, it can be absolute hell
    coming off vicodin. the withdrawal symptoms are almost unbearable. i will
    not go into the details, but i have been through it and damn near lost my
    mind. so just a bit of caution, i thought might be helpful.

  9. dondee500k says:

    Humans…workout, take roids (or don’t), workout all the time, eat right,
    get good sleep…still get taken out by a scrawny meth head with an ice
    pick. Once you realize how fragile all humans are, you’ll never fear or be
    impressed by another one ever again.

  10. lilblitz says:

    Why the fuck would anyone use 50 mg of nolva a day 10 is enough to stop

  11. Noneof Urbusiness says:

    that’s what you get pumping crap into your body, and for what?

  12. nicholas skridla says:

    You are talking about guys that abuse the drugs exponentially. These are
    absolutely sickening doses. However, there are therapeutic doses under the
    supervision of a doctor that are “healthy”. You failed to mention the
    stress on their hearts and other organs due to diet and lifestyle. Many
    used illegal street drugs as well. Cocaine and other similar drugs are
    quite common. To each their own I guess. 

  13. mastervule says:

    Am I only one who thinks this guys look horrible? I mean everyone wants
    muscular body but this is too much.

  14. ForcedHBs says:

    The effects of steroids on the cardiovascular system are clearly
    documented. Having studied the autopsies of some of these unfortunate
    fatalities, there is a disturbing trend. Having had a friend who used from
    age 16 to age 24, he bulked up and had the body he fantasized about. At age
    26 he was deceased; during a workout, he had a massive myocardial
    infarction, and expired in the ER some 45 minutes later. His autopsy
    revealed that most of his coronary arteries were not only rigid
    (arteriosclerosis) but were severely occluded. On top of this, his heart
    was distended; the left ventricle wall was 2.5x thicker than a healthy
    athletic heart, and his heart overall was nearly double the size of a
    healthy heart. 

  15. John Reece says:

    Vanity=Insanity! If you choose to be a human guinea pig you will pay with
    your life!

  16. ImSoSexyItHuuuuurts says:

    How about admitting that the sport has simply turned stupid and that people
    are dying over one thing – money. How about saying “look. the standards we
    have set are causing people to take steroids and its killing them. It’s
    time to roll back the standards of how we judge looks in the sport and get
    back to reality. that human beings are not meant to look like this.”

  17. Paradox says:

    “the grim raper”? O_O

  18. shane mark says:

    Im guessing kevin levrone took more gear then that

  19. Nathan Howell says:

    Damn,I lifted In High School,Imma Start A Channel For us Skinny Niggas!

  20. Carbon-based Lifeform says:

    These meatheads should always put at the end of the line what comes to
    organ transplant surgeries. Teardrop.

  21. yasir Khan says:

    These days were all looking for instance gratification. I.e immediate
    results. We dont want to work for it we just want it now. Most people dont
    want to nor need to be so big so theres no need to take steroids. If you
    train from the age of about 15 by about 18 you will look veey good and be
    strong if you did it right. Steroids are an easy way out for sme. These
    bodybuilders have a lot of money riding on their bodies hence why they tke
    steds. But if u just wana look good why tke dangerous drugs just to look
    rigid, bloated and not very nice. 

  22. PAULO Z says:

    You are morbid my friend!

  23. Der Zeitreisepunk says:

    this is like doping… allowed in bodybuilding sports!? wtf

  24. Nicodemisjones says:

    It’s crazy hearing people talk about “I have friends that died from

    I know well over 30 people that use steroids. From ages 22 to 65 and i
    never met anyone that has passed away from there use?

    Obviously it has it’s side effects (good & bad) like most things in this

    Bodybuilder over dosage for along period of time. No surprise they are
    having issues. But keep in mind their abuse of pain killers (huge in the
    industry) lot of things factor in to there demise.


  25. DrRegnig says:

    There’s no point these guys boning up on medical issues, they should just
    stop going in to bodybuilding if it’s going to require roids to win. I say
    this because there’s no way they’ll manage to really understand, they’ll
    just learn some fancy words and fool themselves into thinking they know
    what they’re doing.

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