Spray Paint Art LIVE Tutorial: Basic sunset scene and foam brush techniques

In this tutorial I go over how to create a basic nature/sunset scene, and I also explain techniques for how to use a foam brush. Hope you enjoy the tutorial!
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25 Responses

  1. Kaylee Gaertner says:

    I”m glad I found this video! I was looking to see if anyone had tried
    using brushes with spray paint and here you are!! Awesome video,

  2. Clips says:

    Hey mate what kind of paper do you use?

  3. Robert Page says:

    i started trying this out a few months ago and have been having a blast i
    have created some great paintings so far just wanted to thank guys like you
    who are willing to share the tricks of the trade so to say SPRAY ON!

  4. Mr. Yesterday says:

    This is my first time watching one of your videos I like your style. I’m
    teaching myself how to spray paint and at the moment I’m not very good but
    in this video alone you’ve given me a lot of new ideas to work with and
    play around with. Just wanted to let you know this video has had an impact
    on me and i will be watching you other videos in the hopes of finding
    different kinds of ways to spray paint. thank you

  5. Cecilia Aleman says:

    Your work is badass!!!! it’s amusing how all these years of me stealing my
    dad’s spray paints just to paint the grass or try to do graffiti and all
    along I could of been doing something amazing like this, I’m a face painter
    and you just helped me crave a new addiction, hope to see more of your
    tutorials soon

  6. caroline virgo says:

    what you think is really really good

  7. Amber Lynn says:

    I absolutely LOVE watching your tutorials. They never fail to make me laugh
    and your art is INCREDIBLE. Keep up the good work Seth!

  8. Caitlin Tabogader says:

    wonderful piece of art

  9. Zac JB says:

    hey seth im 14 and i do spray paint art and i am good but i cant find
    poster board i have been using glossy photo paper and it works but it
    crimps at the edges can u recomend a place btw im in australia

  10. Shannon Holohan says:

    Thank you so much for this! ^-^ I attempted a sunset type painting 2 days
    ago and it came out horribly (you are right when you say “you are your
    worse critic”) but I will be going to try this out now..all I can seem to
    paint are galaxies and such and no nature themes -.- btw do you have any
    tips on not getting the stencils to stick? I personally think I might be
    putting them on when the paint is still really wet but I hate waiting -.-
    but do you have any ideas? Atm I use plastic cups and bowls and such and I
    plan on upgrading my equipment when I start making money off of this when I
    get better and I’m comfortable enough to sell them…but anyways…thank
    you! :)

  11. Matt Monfils says:

    Seth this is awesome man!

  12. Kohl Harris says:

    When using a straight edge, how do you prevent from blobs dripping down
    onto the painting. Happens to me all the time.. 

  13. Pat Zwahl says:

    Can you do one of angry clouds with lighening? I’m from Kansas. Not a lot
    of mountains around here. Maybe a grain field in the foreground. Thanks

  14. SEIfilms says:

    haha to each their own

  15. TheRealKingDong says:

    Wicked! Keep them coming man!

  16. Invictuz says:

    nice work…awesome tutorial

  17. Eric Morales says:

    My yellow does that too -_-

  18. evinha01 says:

    I’m a girl viewer…. Been following you for a while too love the different
    scenes you do lol good job

  19. SEIfilms says:

    Tutorials are here to help anytime!

  20. WolfCub16 says:

    XD Lmao yeah Iv been a fan for a while

  21. SEIfilms says:

    I have friends now too?!

  22. THlCK says:

    you should of fliped it to where the top is the botton keep blazing to

  23. Jeremy Rogers says:

    Not your best man, but still a pretty cool tutorial

  24. mrdarkmonkey96 says:

    lets see yours bro! 😉

  25. WolfCub16 says:

    not even close to being a sunset or a dusk set 😛 lol to me it seems more
    like a spacey thing

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