Learn to do Splatter nail art designs at home. Use household items like Straw and acrylic paint to make nail art. or you can just get a bottle of chunky glitter polish and splat it all over…

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25 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Flachs says:

    the first splatter nail background would have looked better if the
    background was white

  2. Mimi Estevez says:

    Can u do marble art and do splatter

  3. Nhuy Le says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  4. nicole dia says:

    hey the nail polish at 1:38 is named after me and i like love the color

  5. Luisa Urrutia says:

    love the last one

  6. Kelsey Jones says:

    Hi first I just want to say all your videos are amazing and your very
    talented but I have a question I love doing my nails but I can’t always
    because of the fumes. How do you deal with this?

  7. superWOWstyle! says:

    cant believe i had missed this video ! awesome one !!

  8. Nicole McMullen says:

    I used the straw method but instead of wiping the Polish onto the brush I
    cut the straw in thirds and dipped it directly into the bottle

  9. Jennifer Mora says:

    I love the last one. It was so cute!

  10. raunak azim says:

    aww by seeing ur black glitter nailpolish reminds me of my one which was
    pink but my mother just gave it away to my aunty .i feel to shout
    ahhhhhhhhhhh.but anyway love ur channel and nail art.

  11. Coby Wingo says:

    cool i tryed it and it worked out great for my daughter

  12. Sophie Swiftie says:

    This is so cool!

  13. Skye4ever says:

    you can use a toothpick for these too

  14. Crazies in phases says:
  15. dreyhawk says:

    Those look so fun, especially the last one!

  16. nicky bebe says:

    lil messy but KOOL1

  17. faatimah khan says:

    Love the last one gonna try it

  18. Clover Amela says:

    “it’s time to clean up the murder scene”


  19. love jadejane says:

    I just love your last idea!!

  20. Shivs Bnf says:

    hi great vid I love the 1st and last 1 the best x

  21. Shamira Kuech says:

    You’re so talented :)

  22. cookie driver says:

    hey guys! ^.^ i just wanted to say that acrylic paint does stain clothes so
    you might want to wear some old clothes you dont care about……

  23. Alexa Krznaric says:

    Last one is a must do for me:)

  24. Cindy Gonzalez says:

    Make a video on how you clean your nail art brushes. Mine always gets hard
    and I sent get it back to normal

  25. vanessa cardella says:

    On your 3rd design I like your middle finger

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