Soldier homecoming surprise mix Watch this great film! Order Organic Cookies Online The Song is called: Praan, by Garry Schyman.

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22 Responses

  1. Tak3r says:

    1:30 gets me all the time

  2. One of the loves says:

    what happens at wars or what they do or arguments about politics should
    stop because this video is none of that right now. This is either a father,
    a mother, a son, a sister ,a grandpa, a grandma it’s just a loved one
    coming home and that’s what you really gotta focus on while watching this
    video. Save those arguments for another video

  3. Laura Creek says:

    I don’t cry that much, but this vid gets me every time.

  4. Kaga Rico says:


  5. 2SilverEyes says:

    09:56 i read fap two times lol

  6. péter b says:

    dumb americans they hates everyone,misled by they own government.All other
    country theirs enemy.Libya,iraq,syria,russia vietnam ,korea.
    idiots :(

  7. Hallie Harker says:

    Did anyone else just get attacked by onion-chopping ninjas? Was VERY close
    to tears there!

  8. says:

    My jesteśmy wzruszeni… Jakie emocje u Was wzbudzają takie sceny?

  9. GamerHUN91 says:

    I cry :c

  10. Mad Cow says:

    cried like a little girl. I’m in the forces.

  11. Nick Oakley says:

    0.36 gets me every-time the little girls subtly asking ‘daddy?’ In hope
    that it is him. Must be so hard for the family’s of all soldiers serving
    away. God bless them all xx 

  12. Ken Chen says:

    4:40 brother and sisters!! Oh man, such belonging return!!

  13. Ertan Selimoğlu says:

    Who is burning the World for Oil , Smear to your ……….., to leave this
    little World without making any

  14. jameshello38 says:

    why the fuck am i crying? :'(

  15. CristalViper ღ says:

    I’m glad I can blame the tears on my cold 😛

    This is amazing. 

  16. Marcos Mendez says:

    Wow. 10 months later from when I originally saw this video and still
    brought me down to tears. A grown man… This is amazing. The look on
    everyone’s face when they saw their hero come home… Amazing…

  17. Ana Zuasti says:

    Es muy emotivo. No he llorado. Pero me recuerda ven a casa por Navidad
    Es mucha alegria repartida por tantas familias. Sobre todo los niños

  18. Robert Thier says:

    God damn ninjas cutting onions in my room again! 

  19. says:

    ¿Hay algo mejor para un militar que regresar a su país y reencontrarse con
    su familia? Con este vídeo lo entenderás!

  20. gènèral younes says:

    go to fight russia if you can army off pussys

  21. Dinah Soares says:

    Brings tears to my eyes every time I watch this. Brilliant video

  22. Kevin Lucas says:

    This movie determines who we are – humans, with strong need of love,
    powerful love – and nothing will ever change this no matter how they will
    try with all this dirt, misery and death. We are awsome!

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