Soldering Electronics Components on a Circuit Board

Soldering Electronics Components on a Circuit Board

Decided to upload a video at my job Soldering Circuit boards. I work in a warehouse with another co-worker of mine so its just the both of us working together. the loud noise you hear that…
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  1. Elijah Wilson says:

    soldering drunk is much more difficult

  2. Geo B says:

    What is the purpose for the latex gloves?

  3. Cameryn Smith says:

    Oh snap I heard Drake:Headlines in the background LOL

  4. DoTheEvolution78 says:

    Dream Flight Pro : This is a great video on how to solder but there are
    some things I don’t understand. The equipment you used to diagnose the
    boards like that wave scanner is cool but why show us at the very end that
    custom board?
    5 AMP vacuum fuses??? Isn’t that a little out of date when it comes to
    modern circuitry?

  5. Shafi ahmed sheikh says:

    lol that drake song in the background though!

  6. nema63 says:

    Good job! I enjoy soldering but when you have to bunch the resistors,
    capacitors and diodes close together is when it gets tedious. 

  7. my opinion not yours says:

    Bit of a pointless video, components high enough to cause horses trouble at
    the Grand National, a view of your equipment,all I didn’t see was a machine
    that goes ” Ping”

  8. Sagar Gantlana says:

    Are those fumes harmful?

  9. Flipon Mytip says:

    You must not get any product out at the pace you work lol.

  10. Chad Marshall says:

    nice radio commercialls..haha, jk…nice to find a video you can see how
    you solder to a board, I always thought you had to be more careful than
    that but seems pretty easy 

  11. Raven The Blade Master says:

    Gah… Even after watching this I still feel intimidated by taking Electro
    Technoligies for friggen 5 credits. 

  12. Gram Northern says:

    What type of solder and soldering iron did you use for this or would you
    use for a typical circuit board?

  13. Vinayak Patrut says:
  14. pyrokinder says:

    he’s also keeping simple components really high off the board which I’m
    guessing goes hand in hand with soldering from the wrong side

  15. Kyle Rushing says:

    Where do you work at? I’m a Mini/Micromini tech for the Navy wanting to
    know what companies hire certified techs. What type of solder do you use?
    Why aren’t any of them perpendicular? I’ve never seen anyone solder
    components from the component side, are you not required to do semi or full
    clinches? and no flux? Why are they so high off the board? and you move
    components while the solder is going from a plastic to solid state,
    disturbed solder.

  16. Hulsie says:

    God damn, I wish my hands were that steady. My soldering looks like a joke.

  17. ZigZag Fly says:

    What type of tip size do you recommend for pcb work? As being new to
    soldering, Im always concerned that I might damage the pcb board if the tip
    is too big.

  18. Hulsie says:

  19. Penfold8 says:

    Why didn’t you have the diodes against the board? I’m sure you had your
    reasons, I was just curious.

  20. TG0D69 says:

    You sir, are lying.

  21. kraklakvakve says:

    Insufficient solder @6:28 (lower left). Otherwise pretty good soldering,
    not excellent, but then, this is probably not for aerospace…

  22. IllusiveCookie says:

    I am wanting to get into electronics / electrical engineering and I am 14
    and want to know how a circuit board works, I want to tinker with things
    but have no clue what any of it means or is! Can anyone recommend any
    websites videos explaining it in detail? Also I am british so could you
    please find something that is british because we have different electronic
    systems ( I think ) if not any video/website would be much appreciated.

  23. memnochman says:

    Very sloppy work

  24. DreamFlightPro says:

    The reason is for easy removal so you can pull them straight out. On most
    circuit boards, you’ll see diode’s and resistors not mounted all the way on
    the board.

  25. dannyboy768 says:

    Do you enjoy this job you have here?

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