SMOKING DOCUMENTARY – The Truth About Smoking Tobacco and Why People Smoke? by Max Kesik

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25 Responses

  1. Adolf Hitler says:

    I hate SMOKING!!! The World please stop making cigarettes !!!

  2. Lucas G says:

    Most non smokers are just fucked-up Liberals. I control what do you. If
    someone don’t like it, SUCK MY FUCKING ASSHOLE!

  3. Ashley Braley says:

    4 months smoke free after 17 year habit. so yes anybody can quit! it is

  4. shirleymae30 says:

    The anti-smoking nazis are some of the worst people on the planet, they are
    constantly rude, mean, arrogant, isulting, inconsiderate, and judgmental
    towards all smokers. They have absolutely no respect for other people’s
    choices of how they choose to live their lives. They think the only
    person’s opinion that matters is theirs. They are always among the first to
    be judgmental and hyper-critical of anything others may do, or how others
    may be, in issues such as smoking, drinking, snack foods, music, children,
    lifestyles, weight, spending habits, etc., etc., etc.. I would prefer to
    be trapped in a room with many smokers, than to be forced to endure one
    minute of time with some of those pompas, arrogant, holier than thou,
    egotistical, anti-freedom, anti-smoking nazis, who try to pass judgment,
    and rule over other peoples lives. If you don’t smoke thats great, but
    please don’t becme an anti-smoking nazi jerk.

  5. CheepaCreepa says:

    All people who smoke should go screw themselves 24/7. I hate them all with
    the temperature of the sun, I just figured out that my uncle smoked
    cigarettes: I kicked him in the balls and locked my doors. All smokers
    should hurry up and go to the seven corners of hell, if your going to
    pollute our Earth with your vile contraptions, the LEAST they could do was
    make cigarettes kill people faster. Those fat-dick mother fucking
    cock-sucking asshats.

  6. Oscar Arias says:

    Oh dear, the lifestyle police are out again. Just what the world needs…
    another anti-smoker “documentary film”. These must be really easy to do as
    you don’t have to do any real research just regurgitate the same stuff the
    other anti-smoking crusaders have been spewing for years. Yeah, yeah
    smoking is bad for us… we’ve heard this for 40 years. Now leave us alone
    already. Nothing new to see here folks….

  7. Francisco Gonzalez says:

    I don’t smoke much but I get straight up migraines and the thought of “I
    really want a cigarette” keeps popping in my head when I wanna quit.
    Definitely gotta quit, the Lord Jesus Christ’s grace will be the only way I
    can kick the habit.
    I realize people can quit apart from Christ but I’m so weak and needy that
    I can’t, I need Him.

  8. iCloud :O says:

    What if you just smoke 1 cigarette in your life does it affect you’re life

  9. Matthew Reid says:

    Would weed do the Same affects even if not on a wrap or joint?

  10. cameron melerine says:

    Smoking ain’t that bad, that’s just the Government trying to fuck with your
    mind. Live the life you wanna fuckin live.

  11. Rev55 says:

    From the time I was 18 to the time I was 27 I smojed 3 packs from friday
    night to sunday afternoon, I made it a rule that I wouldnt smoke during the

    I had discomfort from smoking, mucus build up,
    Stained teeth,
    Dry skin,
    Heart discomfort (minor chest pain),
    Sometimes (rarely) shortness of brearh,
    Other stuff

    I rode every weekend (cycling) 30 to 80 miles depending on how hard we
    drank the night before, I also boxed and played soccer.

    Iquit after I had neurological attack (unrelated).

    I dont know why I never got hooked or why I quit without a second thought,
    Trying tosmoke or drink now makes me feel sick, so I xant even try t get
    back in the habbit, ever since my brain problem I also havent been able to
    be active, so as far as sports go I wasdoing better when I was smoking.

    Take from this what you will.

  12. vivek chaudhary says:

    old lady speaking in slow motion is so irritating

  13. Adrian FC82 says:

    Smokers are not human beings. We should place yellow badges on their
    clothing and shun them from society.

  14. ryan church says:

    What if you smoke to die? 

  15. potlick18 says:

    Quit worrying about what other people are doing and focus on yourself

  16. Geschützführer says:

    Who gives a shit. I don’t want to live to be a pill popping, useless old
    fart anyway.

  17. Thomas Kero says:

    Wow shirleymae30, Hyperbolic much? Really, the worst people on the planet?
    Compared to, say real Nazis? Or terrorists? or the people who make and
    supply tobacco products and lie about their contents? 

  18. viazUU says:

    “false sense of relaxtion”… what?

  19. Christopher Wells says:

    That woman in the pink shirt makes me want to start smoking at least 80 a

  20. Luis Sosa says:

    I should’ve done something before my uncle died from lung cancer, smoking
    is a very terrible habit to be doing, I don’t know how people can get used
    to it.

  21. Tuuba Turunen says:

    I just wonder what makes us (humans) ever start something that we know it
    will addict and then kill us. At least most of us do know that very well
    before tasting the very first cigarette. Its just weird. I did that too.
    And i always thought i was smart. Nope. Curiousity is sometimes bad thing.
    Luckily i could quit easily couple of years ago due to my genes that makes
    me immune to nicotine addiction. I smoked for social reasons i guess. 

  22. Janhyua says:

    70% of my friends are smoker been 8 year and wondering what’s so good about
    smoking and I alway been telling them to quit but after 8 years I decided
    to try one finished the cig and threw it away and never pick it up again
    afew hours and days the addictive came in to demand some cig but I refuse
    now I know how it feels I will continue to stay cig free and continue to
    help my friends to stop smoking 

  23. «-·'¯'·.Ðꧧï©å‡êÐ ©ø®þ§ê.·'¯'·-» says:

    Everything you ingest has over 4,000 chemicals, there’s no escape you’re
    going to die younger regardless.

  24. anaya tallah says:

    Are cigarettes safer than high fructose corn syrup

  25. Nikos Gianniris says:

    @shirleymae30 People that smoke affect the lives of people that dont,so
    yeah I am gonna be fucking rude and insultive about them…

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