Sleep: Why We Need It and What Happens Without It

What happens when you don’t sleep? And why do we need to do it anyways? Hank explains the science of sleep: the cause, the benefits, and who holds the record for going without it! Like SciShow?…
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  1. Artemis Ameretsu says:

    I went two days with no sleep a couple times and started hallucinating both
    times : the first was just dots and the second time was a white dog
    running around my ankles as I tried to work, damn near tripped over the

  2. Emx2000 says:

    Googled “brain blue spot”, worst decision ever

  3. dxburner222 says:

    Whenever I stay up past 24hr, I get really paranoid. I always think I see
    something out the corner of my eye.

  4. ajaxtaur says:

    Aw, I’m kind of sad you didn’t mention Polyphasic sleep schedules.

  5. flamingllamasreborn says:

    sleep is basically the command CHKDSK.

  6. tabitha vaughn says:

    I can’t stay awake for it. It’s FOUR A.M.

  7. lob19 says:

    You speak so quickly you should consider rap career :D

  8. Arthas Lich King says:

    Humans are not mammals :). As Agent Smith from Matrix said “A while ago I
    decided to classify all the species on earth and I came to a fact that you,
    humans, are not mammals. You settle in one area, multiply and consume every
    natural resource and move to another area. You know what other organism has
    same behavior? – Morpheus shook his head. – A virus. Humanity is a disease,
    a cancer of this planet, and we… are… the cure.” That was a direct
    quote from Matrix.

  9. AKLd95 says:

    Do mathematicians and physicist have higher IQ than other people, or just
    have a genetic advantage to those particular skills? 

  10. TFTD says:

    The longest I’ve gone without sleep is almost a week.

  11. Danny Coulston says:

    I did did not know the record was so short when I was 21 I once stayed
    awake for 30 days I have witnesses to prove it

  12. Amit Jha says:

    Sleep: Why We Need It and What Happens Without It…

  13. Jeoshua Collins says:

    I actually have beaten Mr Gardner’s record, tho not without aid. While
    taking Adderall in high school, I stayed awake for over 2 weeks (16 days,
    if I recall). The symptoms are really bad. At first the hallucinations are
    mild, like the fog you see around stuff, something I called “glitter”
    appearing nearly everywhere, or the electrical discharges surrounding sharp
    objects like a pencil point. However, eventually the Shadow People come
    out, literally beings made out of nothing but blackness. I’m not the only
    one who has ever seen them, by the way. It’s a very commonly reported
    hallucination among people who have stayed up for that length of time.

    When my parents noticed me talking so someone who wasn’t there (I recall it
    as a shadow person attempting to give me a briefcase containing the secrets
    of the universe), they removed the lights from my bed room and locked me in.

    Unfortunately I don’t have any proof of this except 2 weeks of IRC chat
    logs that are probably gone from that server, and a notebook which I kept
    describing my experience which I have since misplaced.

  14. HarmonicPsyche says:

    4:00 Well, that explains why I can’t remember anything from two years ago
    when I got ~4hrs of sleep per night on average

    5:45 and that explains why, in that same period, I also experienced huge
    mood swings. I loved those mood swings…research sleep deprivation therapy
    (SDT) for depression to understand why. Sleep deprivation operates
    similarly to cocaine 8)

  15. Alexander Goo Zong Han says:

    I’m just 12 and I sleep for 3hr, I think it’s ok…:)

  16. Kristine Xie says:

    I started watching this video at 12 AM because I couldn’t sleep. I
    immediately stopped when he said you could die faster from sleep
    deprivation than food deprivation. Finishing the video at 9:30 AM.

  17. QuangTran27 says:

    No wonder I get paranoid these past 4 months.

  18. jan christian Frodahl says:

    xDays are for sleeping, I`m better at everything at night, my natural rythm
    is going to sleep around 5-7, and getting up about 10? noon-ish.. 🙂 NIGHTS

  19. Adrian Samuel D'costa says:
  20. spidaminida says:

    I don’t really understand why people say they love sleep so much when
    they’re essentially unaware of sleeping?
    Also, it would have been nice to include information on alternative sleep
    cycles – it’s very possible to exist on 1hr of sleep a day in 3 x 20-minute
    naps. But you MUST have those naps or you’ll pretty much fall asleep where
    you stand.

  21. Amit Maheshwari says:

    To remember this much he must be sleeping a lot..

  22. StarTrek123456 says:

    why is there no 144p option on this video? i’m downloading World of Tanks
    while i am watching this and my motherf****** internet connection can’t
    handle both things at the same time.

  23. Otokorashi Metta says:

    I kept hearing low pitched rumbles throughout the video

  24. bhojraj joshi says:

    can you plz slow down your rate of speech.Its quite fast and difficuilt to

  25. dee Welsh says:

    Very interesting science on sleep-and quite comical in spots….

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