Try this if you get food stuck in your throat or esophagus. Hopefully it saves you a trip to the emergency room and a costly endoscopy, especially if you do not have any health insurance ;-)…
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  1. shaytards life says:

    i have a freaking oreo stuck in my throat i tried everything it isnt going
    away XD ;-;

  2. Foxy Lee says:

    Just tried it. Helped a little, but then spit got stuck in the tube between
    my nose and throat

  3. Essa Wan says:

    I feel that it is stuck, but I can still breathe. Do i need to worry?

  4. dianna mendoza says:

    umm i know im stupid for chewing something thats not food but i chewed
    something small from my landyard but i still feel it in my throat and i try
    to swallow but i cant so im scared

  5. Nickolas Hink says:

    5 years ago, I was eating a steak, nothing out of the normal with friends.
    For almost 2 days I had food stuck. I played it up to nothing, but 3 – 4
    times a year this would occur. Today, after this happend with a cheesesteak
    I found that I have a similar situation to a Shatzkis Ring or similar to
    your situation. Your example actually after 4-5 tries cleared it just now.
    Thank YOU!

  6. LeIllKid says:

    I’ll be honest, it hurt. but… IT WORKED! Now I’m wondering How in the
    WORLD it works? lol

  7. David Todd says:

    Just helped me a little bit, something stuck in there for a couple days.
    Instant relief, little bit of gas, awesome. Thank you!!!

  8. Anna LPS says:

    I have allergy’s right? I use these giant pills that don’t go down my
    throat but this worked thanks. .3.

  9. Tisha Emberton says:

    This really helped. 🙂 Thanks a lot for posting this video. :)

  10. Paula Wear says:

    Hey, wanted to say thank you for this video! It just helped me to help my
    mom. (She looked up at me with a shocked look and said, “It’s better!” lol.
    Thank you!!

  11. claudine candelaria says:

    I get scared when my throat gets tight when I try to swollow thle food so I
    eat jello and apple sauce or something soft can you tell me what do you eat
    something does not get stuck in your throat
    email me back
    ps I push my neck down that happens to me

  12. Robby Sowell says:

    YOU SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!! I was choking on a piece of chicken and was about
    to go to the ER but I did you solution and it worked first try

  13. xXJeReMiAhXx99 says:

    sheesh man thanks, for me it was a garlic clove, thought I could swallow it
    because it fit, well it did enough to clear the trachea and all that but
    got stuck pretty high up on my esophagus. Swallowing yogurt quickly didn’t
    get it to go down and it was starting to burn and feel tighter. I finally
    decided to look it up online and found your video pretty quick, after about
    3 or 4 solid swallows getting my chin in as far as possible I felt it
    clear, now it’s stuck above my stomach in another tube lol oh well at least
    it should be closer to acid or something to start breaking down now, gonna
    sip some more yogurt and water to sooth it.
    note to self, don’t swallow relatively solid objects.

  14. Merle O'Sullivan says:

    Thanks so much, I get this problem more often now. I have had my throat
    close at the voice box, can’t talk or breath, so scary, have almost pass
    out, but as I was falling I hit the ground hard and this dislodged the
    food, and I was able to take a tiny breath and so much crap came out of my
    To-night I had another episode that lasted 4 hrs. The longest has been 8
    hrs ( in the hospital) and 2 weeks ago it was 5 hrs.
    Thanks again, as I tried your technique, I could swallow right away,
    couldn’t believe it so tried it again and this time drank some pepsi and I
    swallowed normally. God bless you and yours.

  15. Omega Mass says:

    thanks I have this problem too i had the beans from taco bell double decker
    stuck in my throat it is just a weird feeling

  16. Edward Rabbit says:

    I don’t understand, When i push my chin back i cant even move, t just hurts
    my neck

  17. The Legend says:

    I’ve got it as we speak. I’m hunched over my sink phone in hand. Tried your
    trick to no avail :-(.

    I thought it was just me that got this, any other suggestions would be


  18. Samantha Beougher says:

    Thank you so much!!! I legit was just having this problem first time in my
    life and i was afraid it was delayed choking or something but i did your
    trick and it helped out so much!!! THANK YOU!!! God be with you! 

  19. Asad Asghar says:

    I waz sick and I ate some medicine and it’s stuck 

  20. tyler grover says:

    Dude. My throats heartening after that

  21. Cowdery Crisanto says:

    This totally worked! Well all I did was put my chin on chest and swallowed
    with water and the food that was stuck in my esophagus went down. I was
    trying to swallow with water but I just kept throwing it up. It was stuck
    for like an hour! I thought it was food poisoning or some kind of stomach
    virus. I kept searching stuff online. I was about ready to go to the ER!
    But I just squeezed my chin to my chest as I swallowed a bit of water and
    my esophagus got cleared of water ever was blocking it! Thanks for the
    video. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets these weird food choking

  22. John Perez says:

    I’ve been like this for about three days! Thanks this actually worked it
    moved down to where am not as uncomfortable anymore! am drinking water a
    lot smother now I don’t feel the up food feeling in the throat any more

  23. Kurt Torsak says:

    I like you also have this rather annoying problem of food getting stuck in
    my throat. Meat broccoli, potatoes…etc, you name it. So late last night
    this happened…again(not to my surprise) however I could still breath. I
    got sick of trying to clear it and I didn’t want to go to the ER. So I
    thought that by some miracle my body would just take care of itself this
    time if I would lay down relax and go to bed. I woke up around 4:00am to
    find that I was an idiot for thinking that it would just go away…because
    it didn’t. It was still stuck. I watched your video and also read one of
    the posts on here about using Coke. After taking a swig of Coke and using
    your technique, the food began to clear. It took about two trys and the
    food finally passed. Thank you so much for your video, you’re the man! God

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