Sick China: Gutter Oil, Poisoned Food, Severe Pollution

Do YOU know where your food is coming from and how it’s made? Better read those labels! BOYCOTT CHINA-MADE FOOD! Chinese chicken cleared to ship to US: …
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  1. MrTjp420 says:

    This is one reason to stay the Fuck out of China!

  2. Catherine Nguyen says:

    It is TRUE that gutter oil is now officially banned in China. But MUCH of
    it is still circulating and being used for home/street/mass (!!)
    consumption not just in China, but also in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam.
    Just a few months ago, the Taiwan government made major arrests of local
    manufacturers selling gutter oil to Hong Kong, using that magic Chinese
    gutter oil production formula.

    I myself (!!!!) also unknowingly consumed rather large quantities of gutter
    oil. The symptoms of toxic infection are manifested in there being red
    patches/boils/itchy acne-like breakouts all over the body.

    So next time when you are travelling in China, be careful about what you

  3. Tony the goon says:

    Americans eat shit worse than what chinese will ever eat LOL go eat your
    cheez wizz

  4. jessie james says:

    i am more inclined not to eat food prepared by china people in my

  5. Jesse Jamison says:

    OMG gross

  6. Lass 11 says:

    We are all to blame we want cheap or we live in blind faith our governments
    will look after us. Money wins we lose.

  7. Jim Mooney says:

    More and more food is coming from China, so check that food label.
    According to Ideas and Discoveries magazine this month, Chinese food is the
    most poisonous, chemically contaminated, polluted, diseased, and
    adulterated food on earth. Oddly, in a Communist country, rapacious and
    unregulated laissez-faire capitalism is contaminating their food system.

    Cooking oil is made from sewer waste and soy sauce from barber shop hair
    sweepings. They even make fake eggs from chemicals with no nutritional

    The FDA does Not inspect Chinese food, and China is totally corrupt. You
    will not see a label on restaurant food or baked items or in many juices.

    It’s hard to catch. Oddly, I just bought some canned salmon and didn’t
    notice it came from China. Oh well, maybe it won’t kill me ;’)

  8. alindartist says:

    “the quality of chinese food exports is higher than the quality of the food
    consumed domestically. The standard of food exports from China is very

    Really?? I think whoever wrote that must be suffering from brain cell death
    as a result of eating that shit.

    NO WAY will I eat Anything from this country that has such Low regard for
    life.. not Just human life > All Life. Disgusting.

  9. armandis lowes says:
  10. 境界空の says:

    Human race in dire straits.

  11. original fightfan says:

    eeeeeeewwwwwwww!!!!!!!! yuck!

  12. Pete Guthrie says:

    yes you cna get a job in china.a good one..but you wont live very
    long,poisoned food,bad work conditions.hard life.poor country.terrible
    quality,faux everything.junk cars,flammable buildings,shaky elevators.

  13. comrade chino says:

    People need to eat and die faster since it is over populated anyways.

  14. 漢武神 says:

    Make sure to boycott taiwanese food as well.

  15. misterfunnybones says:

    Can pathogens survive in boiling oil?

  16. sherri99516 says:

    Thank you for posting “Sick China: Gutter Oil, Poisoned Food, Severe
    Pollution” showing the realities of life for many of the poor trying to
    scratch out a living in China as well as showing us all how highly
    unregulated the farming industry is today in China. To see how the locals
    make “Gutter Oil” is down right gross especially when you see what it’s
    made from & then it sold to the Chinese public. Ouch! Their families are
    cooking with this “Gutter Oil” & ingesting it as food product. Something
    is really wrong with that picture! To matters worse, so much of this
    contaminated food is being shipped to the USA. The smog is so thick there a
    lot of farming areas have been contaminated with toxins. To find out, we
    are eating a fair amount of these processed food products in U.S. stores is
    a bit over whelming to say the least. Also, Chinese farmers & processors
    handling of live pigs & dead ones as well as the many pork products is
    outright dangerous.

    I am glad I did take the time to watch this video! It was very interesting
    & enlightening. I am extremely leery now about eating any food product
    coming from China. Hopefully, the eventual blowback from the U.S. markets
    will force China to change, because it’s not right for anyone to have to
    eat contaminated food no matter where they live. Or for Chinese people to
    have to live in smog that is so bad, that they are suffering beyond
    belief. The U.S. FDA must insure proper labeling on all food products that
    are commercially grown, especially listing any part of a manufactured food
    product that was imported or any part processed outside of the USA
    boundaries. We have to know how this product was grown agriculturally from
    seed to it’s final harvesting & the processing methods must be listed in
    full. Including all meat products and variations thereof. Food products are
    sold at a variety of prices. There are huge price differences between a GMO
    product & a certified organic grown product. Same goes for imported
    ingredients reprocessed or repackaged outside the U.S. and then brought
    back and repackaged again under a USA brand name which totally undermines
    the quality & FDA certification of the food. Advertising these products as
    something they are not amounts to fraud. No one wants to eat fake processed
    food that has been chemically engineered in some lab or contaminated during
    it’s processing with harmful materials or pesticides. Example: If it’s
    grown in horse chit, it should say that! Transparency is key. 🙂

  17. Sidney Harmeson says:
  18. VAiNY says:

    Eeeeeiiiiiii dirty bastards!!!!

  19. trixy reed says:

    These people poisoned their own babies of course they d have no problems
    poisoning us in the west. They are a dirty people playing dirty game

  20. Sa Her says:

    China: sick man of the world

  21. Seto Returns says:

    Its really sad how true this is. But to the Kill0Your0TV, keep up the
    awesome work. its really good that people are sharing this with the world.

  22. shitlike1 says:

    Do you guys actually think that the western societies before the industrial
    revolution were far more better than china nowadays? Think again you
    idiots. It is easy for you to condemn a developing country while you
    western hypocrites throw all your garbage to the developing country in the
    name of civilization and humanity! Revolution takes time and sacrifices.
    Without your ancestors eating all the shits up and paving all the roads up
    for you, you guys would still be doing what the Chinese do, doing all the
    back breaking jobs while other retards point their fingers at you.
    Recycling all the garbage those retards throw at you while those retards
    hold their heads high and laughing hypocritically at you!

  23. 1846drte2342342 says:

    Anyone low enough to make gutter oil deserves capital punishment in China,
    just like corruption!

  24. jammyjammer2015 says:


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