Shutter Island Soundtrack-On The Nature Of Daylight

(This song made me speechless) download link: new website the other link was broken
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses


    This is one of the best movies i’ve ever seen in my life!! 

  2. Kyle reese says:

    “let her go…”

  3. MrPhantom95 says:

    One of the best movies i’ve ever seen.

  4. K.M. Smith says:

    On the 4th I put this on after me and my buddy each ate 5 grams of shrooms
    . It was so perfect. Also put on Clint Mansell’s The Last Man, Together
    We Will Live Forever. Monday by Ludovico Einaudi. And a bunch of Boards
    of Canada. Great tripping music. 

  5. Slawo B. says:

    goose bumps………….every time!!!!!! incredibly!!

  6. Lava Bakir says:

    One genius of a movie, and this soundtrack did it justice. 

  7. Irina Makarova says:

    Max Richter #shutterisland #classic #violin 

  8. iTooob says:

    The funniest of things is that this movie wasn’t even nominated… nor was

  9. Avner & Vous says:

    L’intro n’a aucun sens lol 

  10. Юлия Стрельникова says:

    -I am not gonna leave. I love you so much.
    -I’m just bones in a box, Teddy.
    -I am. You have to wake up..

  11. AletheAce says:

    Just simply for Leonardo’s performance in this film he should have a room
    full of Oscars

  12. bryan baldomero says:

    does DiCarpio deserve Oscar?nah oscar deserves him xD

  13. IliasKos10 says:

    What a masterpiece this song is. Perfect representation of the movie

  14. Mélanie M. says:

    I’ll always be amazed by this movie no matter how many time I’ll watch it

  15. NovisM says:

    48 people will never get off the island

  16. LaRs McCurdy says:

    Elssa !!!

  17. zieba says:

    Fits well with Dishonored game.

  18. Vahagn Karapetyan says:
  19. Merve C. Leto says:

    One of my fav movies. Leo DiCaprio should have own an Oscar for this

  20. 12tothe3tothe4 says:

    This song gets to me, I’m not gonna lie. :´|

  21. Jay Podolak says:

    Beautiful ❤️

  22. saurabh singh says:

    George Noyce: You wanna uncover the truth? You gotta let her go.
    Teddy Daniels: I can’t.
    George Noyce: You have to let her go!
    Teddy Daniels: I can’t! I can’t!
    George Noyce: Then you’ll never leave this island.

  23. Dinglebag says:

    10-hour version please

  24. Normanity says:

    At 1:40 just gave me sad nostalgic memories :(

  25. señor shaman says:

    @1:40 dat bass drop dough

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