Should I buy or lease a vehicle? Lease vs. Finance When it comes to buying a vehicle these days there are several options to choose from. You can lease, finance…
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  1. South Centre Volkswagen says:

    Not sure whether to buy or lease? Watch our informative video to learn
    more. #yyc #CarShopping 

  2. Luis Cabrera says:

    This video is very helpful!

  3. User3137 says:

    Fantastic videl thank you shannon and darren for putting thia together.

  4. South Centre Volkswagen says:

    Should you buy or lease? Watch this video and get the facts!

  5. South Centre Volkswagen says:

    Should you buy or lease a vehicle! 

  6. Real Blogger says:

    safe car in cras is best car

  7. Kate Taylor says:

    My fiance is torn between buying and leasing. Leasing sounds fun and
    flexible, like renting, but I love owning my car

  8. Christina Pronger says:

    Buying a car should be a fun thing to do! Having you share these tips is
    super helpful in the research process.

  9. Arthur Z. says:

    close-end leasing…. interesting….

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