Short Selling ETF Financials FAZ and Bull FAS Using Options Trading Strategies Short Selling ETF Financials FAZ and Bull FAS Using Options Learning Short Selling How to Sell Short an Hourly Chart Learning Short Selling Identifying Short….
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4 Responses

  1. StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

    @fububalla bear funds are only good intraday, they don’t work well has
    longer term hedges because the product has options time decay in them.

  2. fububalla says:

    look i’m a bear on financials but if your making a 3 way short position
    that is insanely retarded. Not only is it super risky (96% chance of lost
    money) but your not hedging, the whole point of the fas faz balance is to
    hedge sensibly.

  3. StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

    @pcuncle FAZ Friday Change: 1.79 (12.12%) Hopefully people weren’t buying
    it up at the highs, there’s a time and a place for these trades and we
    called the high on 4/24 go fetch those videos.

  4. StockMarketFunding Trading School says:

    Today’s Stock Market Trading Lesson: Live After Hours Short & Long NFLX
    Earnings Play /watch?v=4DZRVKmf2Kg

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