Shit Australian Uni Students Say

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. EpicFishFingers says:

    3:01 – Been using MS word for more than 10 years and I didn’t know about
    that feature

  2. LMAAAAYOOO says:

    Mature age students are so annoying I swear

  3. IllegalTacos says:

    “Due Friday, do Friday”, Uni motto

  4. Brandon Tadday says:

    The right click synonym part was SO TRUE! Hahahaha!

  5. shesrazorsharp says:

    This could not get any more accurate

  6. Troy Nguyen says:

    This was the unfunniest video
    trying to be funny

    I’ve seen since 1992.

  7. iGeek96 says:

    Lol I can totally relate to everything said here I go to Wollongong uni and
    this vid is totally accurate to uni students hahahaha 

  8. Chef Vortivask says:

    The couch at 50 seconds is the best, most comforable couch known to mankind
    hands down. Had anyone else here experienced the poignant, comforting
    beauty of this magical creation?

  9. Sammy Florczak says:

    Quite possibly the most accurate portrayal of a mature age student ever

  10. annabelle offor says:

    The mature aged student, I am actually dying so priceless :’)

  11. James Lam says:

    So freaking lame to be honest my friend

  12. Seedeng Jawn says:

    1:51 LOL, so true ! (As a MAS, we do this on purpose to p*ss off the
    Double LOL !! MAS has the double reading glasses !!!

  13. lolbug100 says:

    DATE accessed. Yes. Fucking yes.

  14. Males K says:

    “Fuck I’m 600 words short, fuck it” :’)

  15. Obligor says:

    ”Share house with your bongs”

  16. heavydaays says:

    I know it was a joke, but why do TAFE students get so much shit? I mean I
    study electro technology there and it’s probably harder than anything a uni
    student does with exceptions to engineering and other things of that
    nature. I just don’t get it.

  17. Trent Howard says:

    hahaha bloody spot on

  18. EJ Ioane says:

    “Oh fuck I forgot references” Thats me when I start my conclusion.

  19. Plangentry says:


  20. Unicorn Farts says:

    Fuckyeah Ps get degrees!

  21. Steven Kocsis says:

    no wonder none of you pass, or get jobs with that attitude!

  22. Saad Lostname says:

    Stop procrastubating, damn I failed this year’s college because of that …

  23. Rachel Bell says:

    I had a class last year and there was this one mature age student who just
    would not shut the fuck up. Also I relate to wanting to fuck the tutor

  24. MajorLeaguePotato says:

    sooooo accurate 

  25. Genevieve Jarr says:

    Whose the older guy in this video?

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