Shameful History, How we Lost Our World (part 5)

All copy rights of this video belong to HiSTORY channel, this video is strictly being used for educational purposes ONLY. This video explains the Biggest Mistake made by the Muslims that effects…
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8 Responses

  1. gangupnow says:

    Bunch of Bullshit…Ottomans didn’t had Imam Mahdi, Allah gives us choices
    we have to pick from them. If we want we can Unite or we can continue
    hating each other. Dear brother GoD doesn’t save who don’t want to be saved
    thats why he orders us to pray. God can sent Imam Mahdi today if we decide
    to change our fate, the thing is we have to be willing to accept each other
    we have to be willing to accept our mistakes and willing to UNITE or even
    1000 Imam Mahdi wont get us together. Wake up MUSLiMS

  2. kapitop says:

    For the last 60 years ARABS has been paying dearly for that treachery.
    Slaughtered even to this day in masse like dogs by both Israeli’s &
    Americans. Such is the PUNISHMENT from GOD for the wicked and
    un-intelligent !

  3. gangupnow says:

    Yes you are rite…BUT the most fucked up thing is it doesnt have to be
    this way, all this can be changed only if they put their differences aside
    and UNiTE.

  4. danielsale87 says:

    thanks for the upploads!. btw the arab/muslems had their gold years, i
    think it is time for the children of Israel to rise upp and take back the
    arab occupied places of gaza and the west bank and of course Sinai from the
    egyptians. 5/5 🙂

  5. Xander Taylor says:

    My goodness, this man’s accomplishments put Winston Churchill’s to shame.
    Churchill was a boyscout next to this guy! God bless him for at least
    trying to champion the Arabs. I lay the blame for the treachery at the
    British govt’s feet. This man simply followed orders.

  6. gangupnow says:

    @xander7ful true, if it wasnt for him there is no way in hell otomans would
    have been defeated and I am not mad at on British treachery…thats what
    those arab dogs deserved.

  7. kapitop says:

    That won’t happen, till the arrival of Imam Mahdi. He’ll not only UNITE the
    ARABS but the entire Ummah irrespective of their race,languange etc &
    eradicate all other artificial so-called man made obstacles to UNITY !

  8. gangupnow says:

    @danielsale87 they are killing innocent people everyday based on their
    faith, during Muslim occupation of Holy Land all the 3 religions lived
    peacefully. i believe whenever evil reaches its height God sends help and
    evil has reached its limits, you are living in end times. thanks of the
    feedback, on 23March PAKISTAN will unite to start the RISE.

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