Shameful History, How we Lost Our World (part 1)

All copy rights of this video belong to HiSTORY channel, this video is strictly being used for educational purposes ONLY. This video explains the Biggest Mistake made by the Muslims that…
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  1. Airportris says:

    @TSMK900 are you suggesting jesus was a devine human being that had powers?
    because i know of the sun god which the story of jesus comes from, that is
    a fact, its astro-theology. but if your saying he was a person that was
    given this title and was possibly not of this earth then i might listen.

  2. chukurulugai says:

    God can only accept the worship of those that proclaim Jesus as the
    savior(who is God himself) God can not accept the worship of those who
    trust in muhammed, a man who raped little girls, waged war and inspired
    millions to hate the jews. He can not accept the worship of catholics
    because they worship statues and believe in self salvation. God can not be
    subjected to the whims of men. men must do what he says( in the BIble) NOT
    the kuran(a book of self serving purposes, militaristic and perverted

  3. melbingkoy says:

    @chukurulugai hell yeah man

  4. gangupnow says:

    Arabs sell 138 $ per oil barrel, if they wanted they could have solve the
    issues is minutes.

  5. chukurulugai says:

    @Airportris All you will find is emptiness, for there is only one path to
    true happiness, and that is through Jesus.

  6. Airportris says:

    @gangupnow he married a 6 year old, i would say thats rape, if they
    fornicated. no god is right, no god is wrong, but the idea of god it self
    keeps our conciousness down. the answer is not a church or a mosque, it is
    the world it self, just enjoy it

  7. Airportris says:

    @chukurulugai thats not true at all, im very happy with my spirituallity i
    dont need anything through jesus, jesus was a sun god, he probly never even

  8. chukurulugai says:

    Pakistan! Figures! Ripped?How can you ripp anything with centuries of
    satanic lies handed down through mohammed? peace and islamic rule(I’m
    laughing) please, read a western book for once! Clearly you’ve never read
    the bible, catholics could never be christians. palestine belongs to
    israel. God favors the house of David. Goliath dies. muhammed is in hell
    right now. muslims will loose.

  9. Pumpalevu says:

    isnt it funny the arabs were led by lawrence of arabia, proud guiding force
    A POOF

  10. gangupnow says:

    @IslamRulesTheWorld1 ummm no they were not, didnt you watch the whole
    documentary ? it was the arabs, british only helped. the real damaga was
    done by peanuts for brains arabs.

  11. gangupnow says:

    Yes but all this can change If they only unite in name god.

  12. gangupnow says:

    ISLAM is the best religion on EARTH…

  13. IslamRulesTheWorld1 says:

    thats why i hate the british they were behind the fall of the Otttomans
    empires down fall

  14. gangupnow says:

    Christianity and Judaism have not advanced, their followers have made
    changes in their practices which they call ADVANCEMENT: for example: god
    never came and said “hey its 2000 years since i told you all not to eat pig
    but now you can so have at it”, the followers just assumed and advanced
    against their own faith. slavery is allowed in bible but the ADVANCED
    followers thought it to be too barbaric to be allowed against their gods
    will (i dont believe in slavery) the list of ADVANCEMENTS is long.

  15. KAYSERLITURK says:

    not only arabs … whole balkan russians greeks french itialian spanish and
    english fought us.. arabs looked like brother they were filthy traitors.

  16. gangupnow says:

    Never say what you dont for a fact, I was born in PAKISTAN, i moved to
    america 3 years ago. funny after i ripped your argument apart all you have
    to say in your defense is that i am not Muslim. i know that you know what
    israil is doing and for this you will pay a heavy price.

  17. gangupnow says:

    you really have no clue about what you are saying, you just hate
    ideas…The only time there has been peace in Holy-Land is when it was
    under Muslim leadership. Catholics DONT worship idols it was the jews you
    idiot, catholic is as pure as Christianity got. you why i hate jews,
    PALESTINE. Stop your fucking war of ethical cleansing you fucking Nazis.
    all 3 religions worship same god you ignorant idiot, but you will be parish
    first because you caused most bloodshed of Muslims and Christians.

  18. Syed Azhar Ali Shah says:

    Shame on Arabs for helping british to keep their hold on Jerusalam which
    was later given to jews, real shame on these najdis.

  19. Bayezid says:

    @Airportris you do realise what the vast difference is in the sun god jesus
    with the jesus from the original bible right?

  20. Bayezid says:

    @Airportris No jesus was just a prophet, not some divine being. Not from
    this earth? Well Well, i thought i was the only one thinking that. I can
    tell you one thing, Jesus was infallible.

  21. chukurulugai says:

    @Airportris This God is “I am” the beginning of everything, creator of the
    world and universe, Jesus encarnated, and Savior of sinful menkind. The one
    that will judge you when you die.

  22. gangupnow says:

    ignorant: Muslims give more into charities than any-other religious group.
    democracy: your modern day democracy was taken from government system used
    by ottoman, a Muslim empire. Muslims in arab were voting 1300 years ago in
    mosques. classist: Islam teaches that all Muslims weathers black or white
    are equal, Islam also puts rich and poor on same ground. poor education:
    western/christian chemistry started and ended at alchemy which was based on
    experiment trying to convert lead to gold CONTINUES

  23. gangupnow says:

    WE are the ones getting bothered, you have clearly no idea what you are
    talking about and have a very narrow imagination/mentality, your kind of
    people only think one way and not research what they say. you LOVE to HATE
    and HATE to LOVE, your kind of mentality caused WW2, WW1 and all crusades
    because people like you dont embrace differences but rather try to suppress
    them. you need to SHUT your mouth and hit the books.

  24. johnnyblazze911 says:

    chukurulagai what you said about the catholics is intresting what what is
    the proper sect of christianity.

  25. gangupnow says:

    Pakistan is not ripped, usa needs us if they wish to win afghanistan, us
    economy will parish because of Gawadar. I have read several western books
    and all conclude that if it wasnt for the islamic influence through
    crusades west would still be in dark ages. i have already told you that
    catholosims is the original form and least corrupted. and lastly i believe
    in my god’s words who is your god too and he has promised my people final
    victory over jews and christinas and all non-muslims. israil LOL

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